Dec 7 '17 15:40

After more than a year, the Dutch police decided to stop using birds of prey to intercept drones. It turned out that there isn't much demand for drone-intercepting eagles, and training the birds is more expensive and complicated than expected, NOS reports.

Aug 12 '16 10:29

The rat population in Amsterdam seems to be soaring - last year public heath service GGD received 17 percent more complaints about the rodent than in 2014

Feb 8 '16 10:18

The number of reports of mice and rats in Amsterdam increased by 31 percent over the past year. Experts attribute the infestations growth to the mild winters and Amsterdam residents' lifestyles

Mar 31 '14 16:24

Residents of the Domplein are complaining about a rat plague. Other areas in Utrecht are also experiencing a rise in the rodent population. In Overvrecht, Kanaleneiland, Noordsepark and Majellapark.

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