Gavel (Source: Wikimedia/Brian Turner)
Apr 26 '17 14:05

On Tuesday the court in Alkmaar handled a case of a father trying to force his 12-year-old son to be treated for his brain cancer. The case was filed by the father against the foundation for Youth- and Family Protectors, who is supervising the boy's treatment, ANP reports.

May 27 '16 09:14

The VUmc hospital in Amsterdam is the first hospital in Europe to have a device that can radiate a tumor more accurately, thereby dong less damage to surrounding tissue, the hospital announced on Thursday. The first patient, a patient with prostate cancer, already completed his treatment with the "revolutionary" MRIdian.

On Phone
Mar 3 '14 13:48

An Amsterdam company is going to make special phone cases to protect against radiation from mobiles.

Apr 5 '13 14:41

The Dutch Party for Animals Partij voor de dieren (PvdD) in the northern city Groningen wants to prohibit large urban Wi-Fi networks because they are afraid that the radiation is harmful for people and trees.

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