Flowers left at the scene of a fatal rail accident on Braakstraat in Oss, four children were killed, 20 Sept 2018
Nov 14 '18 14:40

Measurements will be taken at two railway crossings in Oss following a fatal accident involving a Stint electric cargo bike and a train at the crossing on Braakstraat in September. The measurements will focus on electromagnetic radiation from the level crossing installation, the overhead lines and the train, and what effect this may have on a Stint, ANP reports.

The first tests will be done on Wednesday. Then from Thursday measurements will be taken at the Braakstraat crossing for five or six days, the municipality of Oss said. 

Apr 26 '17 14:05

On Tuesday the court in Alkmaar handled a case of a father trying to force his 12-year-old son to be treated for his brain cancer. The case was filed by the father against the foundation for Youth- and Family Protectors, who is supervising the boy's treatment, ANP reports.

May 27 '16 09:14

The VUmc hospital in Amsterdam is the first hospital in Europe to have a device that can radiate a tumor more accurately, thereby dong less damage to surrounding tissue, the hospital announced on Thursday. The first patient, a patient with prostate cancer, already completed his treatment with the "revolutionary" MRIdian.

On Phone
Mar 3 '14 13:48

An Amsterdam company is going to make special phone cases to protect against radiation from mobiles.

Apr 5 '13 14:41

The Dutch Party for Animals Partij voor de dieren (PvdD) in the northern city Groningen wants to prohibit large urban Wi-Fi networks because they are afraid that the radiation is harmful for people and trees.

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