Desperate father asks court to force son, 12, into chemotherapy

On Tuesday the court in Alkmaar handled a case of a father trying to force his 12-year-old son to be treated for his brain cancer. The case was filed by the father against the foundation for Youth- and Family Protectors, who is supervising the boy's treatment, ANP reports.

The 12-year-old boy from Noord-Holland underwent daily radiation treatments for six weeks late last year for a brain tumor. He was supposed to start chemotherapy in March. But the boy does not want to undergo chemotherapy. He made this clear to a psychiatrist, who declared that the boy was fit to make this decision. 

The father doubts that conclusion. He does not believe that his child does not want to live anymore. He asked the family guardian to take the matter to court. And when the guardian refused, he filed a lawsuit himself. The father is divorced from the boy's mother, who from the start did not want the boy to undergo radiation and chemo but wanted to try alternative treatment. For this reason the boy's treatment was placed under supervision.

The summons states that doctors gave the boy a 50-50 chance of healing without further treatment. Should he undergo the follow-up treatment, his chance of survival is 75 to 80 percent. 

The court will rule on May 12th