Animal Party Wants Wi-Fi Prohibited

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The Dutch Party for Animals, Partij voor de dieren (PvdD), in the northern city Groningen wants to prohibit large urban Wi-Fi networks because they are afraid that the radiation is harmful for people and trees.

The leader of the PvdD in Groningen, Gerjan Kelder, wrote to the Dutch College of Mayors & Councilors, College van B&W, to draw attention to scientific research that concluded that Wi-Fi radiation possibly influences the growth of trees. He referred to the article ‘Protection of Green Environments’ in the General Local Regulation that prohibits bringing harm to plants and trees in public areas, for example, by picking flowers. This would also cover harm from Wi-Fi networks.

According to, the party wants to stop the introduction of Wi-Fi networks in 36 cities in the second half of 2013, which was recently announced by Bullseye.

Kelder says he is actually more worried about the effects of radiation on people. However, because most scientists agree that Wi-Fi is harmless for humans, Kelder is now attempting to use trees as argument for the prohibition.