police protests

Feb 12 '16 11:27

A total of 25,733 cyclists were fined last year for cycling without lights. That is a 42 percent decrease compared to the 44,372 fines issued for cycling without lights in 2014, according to figures NU got from the the Central Judicial Collection Agency.

Jun 30 '15 16:20

The police have called off the action planned during the start of the Tour de France in Utrecht on Saturday, the unions announced on Tuesday.

Jun 29 '15 14:10

Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice and Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb has asked the police unions to cancel their planned delay actions during the Tour de France stages in Utrecht and Rotterdam this weekend.

May 21 '15 08:54

Police unions are surrounding the Binnenhof on Thursday for hourly noise protests by police officers with sirens, horns and drums. With this the unions hope to put pressure on the cabinet and parliament to make more money available for a better collective bargaining agreement for the police

Apr 22 '15 09:06

The Rijkswaterstaat has warned road users to take account of traffic jams on the highways because of police action. 

The Rijkswaterstaat is expecting more hindrance than in previous actions because this time the police will also be performing their go-slow action during the morning and evening rush hours. The protesters announced that they will be driving at low speeds across the entire width of the roadway.

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