Over 25,000 fined for biking without lights; down 42 pct.

Rear lights on a bicycle (Photo: Handige Harrie/Wikimedia Commons). (Rear lights on a bicycle (Photo: Handige Harrie/Wikimedia Commons))

A total of 25,733 cyclists were fined last year for cycling without lights. That is a 42 percent decrease compared to the 44,372 fines issued for cycling without lights in 2014, according to figures NU got from the the Central Judicial Collection Agency.

The massive decrease can partly be attributed to police officers refusing to issue fines during their months-long protest for a better collective bargaining agreement. In November it was estimated that this form of protest cost the national treasury at least 70 million euros in uncollected fines.

Most of the fines, relatively speaking, were issued in Leiden, with 9 fines per 1,000 inhabitants. Second and third place go to the Zeeland municipalities of Vlissingen and Goes, with 6.6 and 5.4 fines per 1,000 inhabitants respectively.