Traffic jams likely as police continue protest

The Rijkswaterstaat has warned road users to take account of traffic jams on the highways because of police action. 

The Rijkswaterstaat is expecting more hindrance than in previous actions because this time the police will also be performing their go-slow action during the morning and evening rush hours. The protesters announced that they will be driving at low speeds across the entire width of the roadway.

The action started at 07:00 n Groningen and fans out towards the Randstad via the A7, A6 and A28. Road users in Noord-Nederland should take much longer travel times into account as they may end up behind the police convoy. The Rijkswaterstaat expects that there will be a lot of traffic jams around Rotterdam in the course of the afternoon. And during the evening rush hour the most problems are expected on the A58 towards Tilburg and Eindhoven and on the A2 between Eindhoven and Weert.

The ANWB reports that there is currently (09:00 a.m.) about 80 kilometers of traffic across the country.