Pieter Litjens

Amsterdam Centrum
May 3 '18 16:50

Amsterdam alderman Pieter Litjen's (VVD) plan to introduce a toll for cars entering Amsterdam city center, was met by confusion and outrage from national politicians. The national VVD is also morally opposed to this plan, AD reports.

Crowd monitoring at Amsterdam Centraal, 20 Dec 2017
Dec 20 '17 16:30

The city of Amsterdam is implementing a crowd monitoring system to help keep the city safe and accessible for residents and visitors during the busy Christmas season. The system uses smart cameras and WiFi sensors to measure pedestrian traffic on the street. This data is analyzed and used by the police and municipality to make decisions on crowd control, the city announced in a press release.

Artist rendering of the renewed Leidseplein in Amstedam
Nov 3 '17 14:50

The first half of the Leidseplein renovations are done, and alderman Pieter Litjens will officially re-open the popular Amsterdam entertainment district on Friday afternoon. On Monday, the new taxi stand on Leidsebrug will also be taken in use.

Hello Bikes in front of the CycleSpace in Amsterdam Zuidas
Sep 25 '17 11:00

With reporting by Janene Pieters.

The city of Amsterdam is beginning to crack down on unauthorized bike-sharing in the Dutch capital, traffic alderman and deputy mayor Pieter Litjens said to NL Times. The municipality is notifying unsanctioned bike sharing companies this week that they need to collect their bicycles off of city streets. Bicycles not recovered by these firms will be impounded by the city beginning in mid-October.

Aug 24 '17 12:40

Amsterdam alderman Pieter Litjens (personnel and organization) wants half of the top functions in the city to be filled by women. Amsterdam is on the right track and getting close, but not there yet, he said, according to Het Parool.

In the Dutch capital 43.6 percent of people in top functions are women, according to Litjens. The Amsterdam municipality is doinig even better, with 51 percent men and 49 percent women. That puts Amsterdam well above the national average of 33 percent women in government and the public sector.

Aug 2 '17 08:05

The municipality of Amsterdam will soon start removing shared bicycles left parked in public spaces, the municipality said in a press statement. Public spaces may not be used as a place of issue and bike sharing companies that do so are hindering city traffic by using up the already scarce bicycle parking, according to the city.

Tourists in Amsterdam over Easter 2017
Apr 14 '17 15:32

With Airbnb locations booked solid and hotels filled to capacity, Amsterdam city hall has authorized the use of a police traffic management plan normally rolled out exclusively for massive events. A constant stream of tourists dragging suitcases behind them could be seen all Friday morning and afternoon, while restaurants, shops and attractions in Leidseplein, Dam Square, the Red Light District and the Nieuwmarkt were bursting at the seams.

Journalists in Amsterdam for Noord-Zuid subway test
Apr 6 '17 10:09

A team of about 40 journalists and technicians rode the new Amsterdam Noord-Zuid subway line on Thursday morning, in the first full-scale test run of the route. The subway reached its top speed of about 80 kilometers per hour, taking the observers from Amsterdam Centraal to Amsterdam Zuid, then back north to the final stop at Amsterdam Noord.

Bicycle storage on a ferry behind Amsterdam CS
Mar 1 '17 13:40

The municipality of Amsterdam is planning to build a new large bicycle parking garage on the IJ, near Amsterdam Central Station that will be able to hold over 4 thousand bicycles. The city government approved the proposal by traffic alderman Pieter Litjens on Tuesday, the Telegraaf reports.

no image
Nov 4 '16 12:05

After years of debate and consultations, Minister Melanie Schultz wan Haegen of Infrastructure and Environment gave Amsterdam the go ahead to ban all scooters from bike paths, provided it goes with the obligation of wearing a helmet, Het Parool reports. 

This applies specifically with what the Dutch calls "snorfietsen" -  scooters with a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. Scooters that can drive faster than that are already banned from bicycle paths in the city. 

Oct 17 '16 11:15

Amsterdam is launching an investigation into installing a light rail for use as public transport in the city, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region announced over the weekend. The aim is to improve the accessibility to the capital

Oct 11 '16 12:50

Amsterdam will need a complete overhaul before self-driving cars can be introduced in the city in a big way, according to a study Boston Consulting Group did for the Dutch capital. As it is, the city can't handle the increase in traffic self driving cars will cause

Jul 8 '16 12:01

The Noord/Zuid subway line in Amsterdam will only be put into operation on 22 July 2018, instead of previously announced October 2017, due to new setbacks, traffic alderman Pieter Litjens announced at a press conference on Friday, Het Parool reports. There will be no extra costs.

Feb 16 '16 16:40

A total of 22 Amsterdam municipal officials earned more than the so-called "alderman norm" of 154 thousand euros in 2014. The alderman norm, implemented by Amsterdam in 2010, states that officials can not earn more than an alderman - 154 thousand euros per year

Feb 11 '16 09:31

The Amsterdam D66 wants the Noord/Zuid subway line to be extended to Schiphol Airport, despite the high costs this may entail. The party submitted a proposal, which is backed by the PvdA and VVD, to start an feasibility study into extending the line as soon as possible

no image
Nov 17 '15 14:25

Transport Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen is paving the way for Amsterdam to ban scooters from bike paths. Scooter drivers may soon only be allowed to ride their scooters on regular roadways while wearing a helmet.

Sep 30 '15 09:15

The construction of the Noord/Zuid line of the Amsterdam subway system will conclude in October 2017 despite the bankruptcies of key technology contractor Imtech and metal construction firm Oskomera, according to city alderman Pieter Litjens. The oft-delayed subway line is not expected to have any further setbacks after an analysis of the remaining risks to the project, Litjens told the Parool.

Aug 27 '15 10:39

Imtech's bankruptcy is having its first effects on the Amsterdam Noord-Zuid subway line. All Imtech employees involved with the line stopped working on Wednesday afternoon after the bankruptcy administrators instructed them to do so.

Aug 11 '15 11:28

Imtech's financial troubles will have direct consequences for Amsterdam's North/South subway line, spokesperson for the project Raymond Schra said

Apr 27 '15 14:35

Pieter Litjens, the Amsterdam alderman of Traffic, is considering banning pollutant tourist buses from the capital. He is looking at possibilities to move the buses to the edge of the city, he said in the AT5 political program Park Politiek.

no image
Apr 16 '15 14:21

A part of Amsterdam city, including the boutique district, will soon be closed for car traffic on Saturdays. This is one of 50 measures that Alderman Pieter Litjens of Traffic, Transport and Organization presented on Thursday.

Mar 18 '15 13:34

Amsterdam wants the Environment and Transport Inspectorate to monitor UberPop drivers more strictly, Het Parool reports. The municipal council is worried about the violent attacks on Uberpop drivers, such as the recent incidents where UberPop drivers were attacked by a group of masked men armed with hammers and brass knuckles.

Sep 25 '14 13:48

A majority in the Second Chamber does not want to give Amsterdam the opportunity to introduce a compulsory helmet law for scooters.

no image
Apr 25 '14 13:39

Coalition parties VVD and PvdA proposed that alternatives for big wind turbine farms in the three northerly provinces should get a serious change. They did so during a debate about Cabinet plans for wind energy on land and at sea in the House of Representatives on Friday.

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