Aug 30 '17 16:10

Officials of the municipality of Ede organized a special send-off for Mayor Cees van der Knaap, who is retiring. The farewell involved loud bangs and sirens, made by the fire department. The unexpected noise caused some panic among Ede residents, many of whom took to social media to try and figure out what was going on, the Gelderlander reports.

Passengers at Amsterdam Centraal
Aug 18 '16 16:00

An as yet unidentified man caused a commotion at Amsterdam Central Station on Wednesday afternoon with what the police are calling a "sick joke". He threw a bag into a book store and shouted that it contained a bomb, eyewitnesses told the Telegraaf.

Asbestos removal (
Jun 2 '16 11:50

The discovery of asbestos often leads to unnecessary panic, emotional reactions, evacuations and large scale cleaning operations, according a pamphlet titled Let's finally be normal about asbestos

Apr 14 '14 07:55

The jeweler's wife from Deurne, Marina, shot three times in blind panic three weeks ago in their shop when it was robbed by two thieves. This is the statement that their lawyer Jan-Hein Kuijpers told the NOS Journaal.

Feb 10 '14 11:17

The fireworks accident in a sports canteen in Veendam, which killed a 26-year old man, has caused "chaos and complete panic", president of amateur football club Veendam 1894, Peter Feiken, said Monday.

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