Jeweler's wife shot in blind panic


The jeweler's wife from Deurne, Marina, shot three times in blind panic three weeks ago in their shop when it was robbed by two thieves. This is the statement that their lawyer Jan-Hein Kuijpers told the NOS Journaal.

The statement was given on the basis of a detailed description of the images from the robbery, and the trial of the jeweler couple for the death of the two robbers.

Kuijpers gives an overview of the incident. According to him, 29-year old Youssef F. pulled a weapon with a silencer, and 20-year old Abdel H. sprayed pepper spray into the shop. Jeweler Willy tried to take the weapon from F. but was beaten and kicked. "He had to fight for his life", Kuijpers says.

Marina was in a different room at the time, and heard the robbers yelling: "Shoot him to bits. Shoot him to bits." She was afraid for her husband's life and takes the weapon that Willy bought after an earlier robbery.

She shot through the door once, and again when the door was ajar, Kuijpers tells. When the door was fully open, she saw her husband lying in a pool of blood. She was eye-to-eye with the robbers and shot once more. Kuijpers does not know if the robbers also shot.

The lawyer admits that Willy did not have a permit for his weapon. He bought it from an acquaintance, hoping it would make him and his wife feel secure.

Marina and Willy are still officially suspected for attempted murder. Kuijpers says there is no way it could come to be determined as assassination. "There was no time to think. Everyone will soon see and understand that it is very logical that Justice does not prosecute."

Kuijpers says that Marina is having it very difficult. "She feels like a monster. She thinks about the parents of the robbers all day. She will have to live with it."