Paleis Huis ten Bosch

King Willem-Alexander, March 2018
Jul 12 '18 15:00

King Willem-Alexander wants to install solar panels on palace Huis ten Bosch, but can't due to a law that states that you can not change the appearance of national monuments. He is not giving up though and will continue to look for a way, he said in Amsterdam on Wednesday, RTL Nieuws reports.

Jun 2 '16 16:50

King Willem-Alexander will be opening an exhibition of House of Oranje-Nassau portraits in the Royal Palace on Dam Square in Amsterdam on July 1st

Jun 5 '15 11:15

For the first time King Willem-Alexander has commented on the unrest that has arisen over how much it will cost to renovate palace Huis ten Bosch. During an interview with the press at the end of his visit to the United States, the King said that the palace has to be renovated, but how it is to be done is up to the State.

May 27 '15 08:29

The renovation of the royal palace Huis ten Bosch is becoming much more expensive than was announced last year. The renovation was estimated to cost 35 million euros, but the actual amount now appears to have run up to about 60 million euros, RTL Nieuws reports based on sources close to the cabinet.

The use of drones by police departments around the world to easily monitor crowds of people is increasing. (credit Daily Mail)
Apr 14 '15 15:53

Police intercepted a drone over the Huis ten Bosch palace in The Hague on Tuesday night, according to broadcaster NOS. The man who remotely piloted the aircraft was caught and questioned.

Het Haagse Bos met gezicht op Paleis Huis ten Bosch
Mar 31 '15 16:28

The Dutch royal family will return a 17th century painting to the heirs of a Jewish art collector who owned the painting before World War II. An inquest led by Queen Máxima into the provenance of the family's own collection of artwork discovered the questionable record of two different paintings, the Dutch Royal House revealed on Tuesday.

Dec 22 '14 12:54

Huis ten Bosch, the home of Queen Beatrix for more than 30 years, has a long list of flaws. This includes, threadbare curtains, counter tops containing asbestos, leaking roofs and cracks in the ceiling.

Sep 17 '14 15:45

The renovation for the Hague palace Huis ten Bosch will cost nearly 35 million euro. The renovation will take an expected two years to complete.

Mar 25 '14 13:34

At the conclusion of a day's meetings at the Nuclear Security Summit, delegates were invited for dinner at the Oranjezaal in the Palace Huis ten Bosch.

Nov 25 '13 15:27

The government expects 58 world leaders, 5,000 officials and 3,000 journalists coming spring in The Hague. They will all partake in the Third Nuclear Security Summit (NSS): an international summit on combating nuclear terrorism.

Sep 24 '13 02:00

Princess Beatrix was dismissed from the hospital on Monday morning and returned to castle Huis ten Bosch in The Hague.

Sep 23 '13 02:58

Princess Beatrix broke her cheek bone during a fall. She had surgery this morning, announced the Government Information Service (RVD). She must remain in the hospital for a few days.

Aug 17 '13 08:45

Prince Johan Friso, who died on Monday, was laid to rest in a small cemetery in Lage Vuursche, a village in the province of Utrecht. The cemetery is located almost directly opposite to the Drakensteyn Castle, where Friso spent his childhood.

Jul 10 '13 03:39

Prince Friso, the younger brother of king Willem-Alexander, was transferred from Wellington Hospital in London to Huis ten Bosch Palace. This was reported by the Government Information Service (RVD) Tuesday, on behalf of the royal family. The state of the prince is unchanged and is described by the RVD as 'minimal consciousness'. Friso has arrived on Tuesday at Huis ten Bosch.

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