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ABN Amro
May 25 '18 07:44

Rabobank and ABN Amro were targeted by DDoS attacks on Thursday night and Friday morning. As a result their online and mobile banking, iDeal payments and websites were hard to reach or completely offline for several hours.

The attacks on Rabobank started around 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, NOS reports. The problems were resolved shortly before midnight. ABN Amro was attacked during the early hours of Friday morning.

In a DDoS attack a website is bombarded by large amounts of data, crashing its server and therefore also the site. 

Mar 22 '18 11:50

Rabobank customers are reporting problems with online banking on Thursday morning. They can't check their balance on the bank's website or mobile banking app. Fault report website received thousands of complaints from Rabobank customers on Thursday, reports.

The bank is aware of the fault and working to fix it, a spokesperson said to the newspaper. "Payments can still be processed, only the balance is not visible", the spokesperson said.

He could not say how long it will take to fix this problem. 

Nov 16 '17 16:30

A new Android virus aimed at stealing usernames and passwords for online banking infected some 3,000 Dutch Android devices. The virus was discovered by Slovakian cyber security company ESET. It was spread through various apps in Google Play, RTL Nieuws reports.

ABN Amro Internet Banking
Aug 9 '17 15:30

ABN Amro is struggling with a "technical malfunction" that has left the bank's internet banking, mobile banking, iDeal payments and some investment applications unavailable. The bank is working on a solution, and stresses that this was not the result of a hack or cyber attack, RTL Nieuws reports.

Disruption site received reports from thousands of customers having trouble with the bank's online functions. 

When the fault will be fixed is unclear. The bank apologizes for the inconvenience. 

Sep 15 '16 15:30

Online banking fraud in the Netherlands is dropping as banks and customers get more used to dealing with online banking in a safe and secure way. During the first half of this year damage due to online banking fraud amounted to 148 thousand euros, a drop of 80 thousand euros compared to the same period last year, according to figures for the Dutch Association of Banks and the Payments Association Netherlands

Jul 31 '15 14:44

A total of 8.3 percent of worldwide cyber attacks in the second quarter of this year originated in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is thereby third on the rankings, behind Russia - 51 percent of all attacks - and the United States - 12 percent of attacks.

Aug 12 '14 16:50

A malfunction with ING Bank's online system left customers in a lurch, unable to use internet banking services as well as transaction processor iDeal. First reports of the problem surfaced around 10:00 am as customers took to social media to complain of payment failures.

Mar 3 '14 08:09

ING clients had to endure disruptions once again on Sunday.

Rabobank Random Reader
Feb 27 '14 09:44

The Rabobank is leaving the Random Reader behind very soon, in favor of a newer authentication system, with the help of a new device: The Rabo Scanner.

Feb 27 '14 04:32

After a torrent of complaints Wednesday morning from customers who thought they had made double payments due to ING's mobile banking system being down again, ING announced all payments were only processed once.

Geurt Bagchus
Feb 26 '14 07:52

Clients who accidentally paid out the same amount via internet banking due to a disruption at ING have to find a way to get that money back themselves.

Jan 31 '14 12:50

Dutch Minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem wants to delay the implementation of IBAN digit bank account number in the Netherlands, Reuters reports.

Nov 25 '13 17:30

Dutch Banking Association, NVB, has signed an agreement with the Consumers Union on new rules aimed at increasing security for users of online banking, Telecom Paper reports.

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