Some 3,000 Dutch hit by bank detail stealing Android virus

A new Android virus aimed at stealing usernames and passwords for online banking infected some 3,000 Dutch Android devices. The virus was discovered by Slovakian cyber security company ESET. It was spread through various apps in Google Play, RTL Nieuws reports.

The virus was hidden in apps called MEX Tools, Clear Android, Cleaner for Android, World News, WORLD NEWS and World News PRO - news apps and apps to clean your device. As soon as the infected app was downloaded through Google Play, the victim received a message on their phone telling them to install Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Update or Android Update, which installed the virus on the phone. 

The virus looked at the bank apps installed on the device and attempted to steal the log-in details, according to the broadcaster. It can also show a fake version of the bank app and read text messages, looking for codes to confirm a transfer.

Why so many Dutch were infected by this virus is not clear. Dave Maasland, director of ESET Nederland, thinks it may have to do with the popularity of clean-up apps in the Netherlands, he said to RTL. He advises victims to remove the infected apps from their phones, change their passwords and keep an eye on their bank transactions.