Rabobank Reader phased out

The Rabobank is leaving the Random Reader behind very soon, in favor of a newer authentication system, with the help of a new device: The Rabo Scanner. 

The original Digipass-system generates a token on the basis of the pin number to verify the identity of clients when they sign into the internet banking website. The new system works differently.

"The Random Reader is leaving", Rabobank spokesperson Margot van Wijgerden tells Computerworld. "It will begin at the end of this year and that is why it has been taken up in the conditions that are valid this year. Sadly we can't tell much more about the system yet" the spokesperson said.

The Rabo Scanner uses other hardware than the Random Reader, Computerworld says. It uses more energy and has a camera. There is also a completely new authentication system in the back-end that uses color coding.

There is no clear indication about when the Rabobank will roll out the new system. The spokesperson does say that the Random Reader can still be used when the Rabo Scanner comes out.