Yet another ING online bank outage

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A malfunction with ING Bank's online system left customers in a lurch, unable to use internet banking services as well as transaction processor iDeal. First reports of the problem surfaced around 10:00 am Tuesday as customers took to social media to complain of payment failures.

The bank said that the problem was resolved by about 4:30 p.m., blaming the issue on a network provider. ING told newspaper Het Parool that they fixed the online banking system by switching to a different provider.

Customers reported not being able to make payments, log into their accounts or view their balances. Problems occurred on both the website and the bank's mobile app.

ING has not said how many customers are affected.

Earlier in the day, the bank said that they were having difficulty coming up with a fix because they could not determine the origin of the glitch. "We are currently searching for the cause, but have yet to find it," the spokesman said to The representative said that if the problem was with a third-party vendor, it would increase the delay in troubleshooting the issue.

ING has faced numerous issues this year with a series of failures on their online banking services. Over the last six months, the bank has recorded 98 failures, which amounts to one every two days.