Aug 7 '18 11:10

A fire broke out at a coating company in Venlo during the early hours of Tuesday morning. Hazardous substances were measured in the smoke released. The air alarm in Venlo was sounded and an NL-Alert was issued, warning local residents to stay out of the smoke, keep their windows and doors closed, and turn off their ventilation, reports.

A slight amount of sulfur dioxide was measured, which can cause eye irritation, breathing problems and swallowing problems. There were also reports of formic acid released by the fire, but this turned out not to be the case. 

Oct 10 '17 09:23

A large fire broke out in a warehouse on Kromstraat in Valkenswaard on Monday night. Asbestos was found in the warehouse's roof. Released soot and ash spread across a wide area around the warehouse. Local residents are advised to keep their doors and windows closed. The fire department is investigating whether asbestos polluted the surrounding area, Eindhovens Dagblad reports.

NL-Alert message
Jul 3 '17 12:50

Everyone in the Netherlands should receive a test NL-Alert message at noon today. NL-Alert is used to give locals information about what is going on during a disaster and what should be done. The intention is that this message system will eventually replace the emergency sirens, which are tested on the first Monday of every month, Metro Nieuws reports. 

Jul 28 '16 07:46

A Dirk van den Broek store in Volendam burnt to the ground in a massive fire on Thursday morning. The supermarket can be considered lost, according to the local safety office

Jun 27 '16 10:47

A large fire broke out at recycling center Huiskes Metaal on Centaurusweg in Tilburg on Monday morning. An NL-Alert was sent warning local residents to stay out of the smoke, keep windows and doors closed and turn off the ventilation

Jun 27 '16 09:27

The Dutch authorities issued an NL-Alert warning of toxic smoke released in a large fire at a transport company in De Meern. Smoke is blowing over several Utrecht neighborhoods.

Dec 7 '15 07:37

The biennial NL Alert emergency message test will be happening at 12:00 p.m. today. If all goes well, everyone in the Netherlands should be receiving a message around midday.

Aug 5 '15 14:43

A large fire broke out at the transport company HACAS on Koningshoeven in Tilburg on Wednesday morning. Firefighters are still working to get the fire under control and expect that the extinguishing will take the rest of the day. The fire is causing a large amount of smoke and hot ash in the surrounding area. The fire department is taking measurements in the area to determine whether the smoke contains dangerous substances such as asbestos.

Mar 24 '15 10:45

The sirens that sound on the first Monday of the month and when there is a disaster, will no longer be used after 2017, the Ministry of Security and Justice confirmed to RTL. "The sirens are no longer of this time", a ministry spokesperson said.

Geurt Bagchus
Jun 2 '14 13:22

The new warning system used during emergency situations has been tested once again today. NL-Alert had a trial run at 12 p.m., as the government sent around an SMS message to everyone with a mobile telephone registered in the netherlands, if the device is capable of it.

Oct 31 '13 01:02

The alarm means for major emergencies, NL-Alert will be tested for the second time Monday. Across the country, people with a suitable phone will receive a test message.

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