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Jul 10 '19 13:20

Wageningen University received a subsidy of 12.5 million euros to create a vaccine against the mosquito borne virus Rift Valley Fever that is safe for humans. The subsidy comes from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI), NOS reports.

Mosquito (Source: Wikimedia/JJ Harrison)
Jul 12 '16 11:10

Police officers responding to a burglary report in Almelo during the early hours of Sunday, got somewhat less than they expected. The burglar in question turned out to be a neighbor hunting for an annoying mosquito with a flashlight, the Almelo police said on Facebook.

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Jul 26 '13 05:53

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) attempts to eradicate exotic mosquitoes on an industrial estate in Oss. There is one Asian tiger mosquito found, the authority reported on Thursday. Such insect can transmit pathogenic viruses to humans and animals.

The fight against the mosquito has to prevent that the tiger mosquito can multiply and will take residence in the Netherlands. The chance that the exotic mosquito will carry pathogenic viruses in Netherlands, is very small. The 'Brabant' tiger mosquito was found at an importer of used tires.

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