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May 29 '20 18:10

The national health institute RIVM is set to be authorized to make use of anonymized data from telecom providers in order to determine whether or not Covid-19 measures should be relaxed, a temporary emergency law proposed by the cabinet on Friday reads.

May 10 '16 11:00

Inflation in the Netherlands dropped to 0.0 percent in April, compared to 0.6 percent in March. This put inflation back to the same level as in 2015, which was the lowest level since 1987, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

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Apr 28 '15 15:53

Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands, known locally as Agentschap Telecom, is cautioning schools against using mobile phone jammers to prevent the use of smartphones during exams. A fine of at least 1,800 euros is possible if a school is caught using a jammer, reported NOS.

Mar 10 '15 13:19

Piggy banks remain the preferred spot for children to keep their spare cash, with 76 percent saying they use money boxes. This comes ahead of banks, used by 55 percent, and wallets used by one-third of the surveyed children, according to the survey by Wijzer in Geldzaken.

Feb 20 '15 08:28

The Netherlands-based chip maker Gemalto has been hacked by the United States secret service NSA and the British GCHQ, De Telegraaf reports. This is according to a report by The Intercept based on documents received by NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden.

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Dec 22 '14 13:41

A large escape attempt from the only prison on Curacao was stopped, reported the director of the Center for Detention and Correction Curacao (SDKK).

Geurt Bagchus
Jun 2 '14 13:22

The new warning system used during emergency situations has been tested once again today. NL-Alert had a trial run at 12 p.m., as the government sent around an SMS message to everyone with a mobile telephone registered in the netherlands, if the device is capable of it.

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May 20 '14 13:58

First quarter sales for smartphones in the Netherlands have gone up in 2014 4.1 percent from a year ago. This increase is worth 12 percent, Telecom reports.

Man speaking on a mobile phone
Mar 3 '14 13:48

An Amsterdam company is going to make special phone cases to protect against radiation from mobiles.

Mobile Computing
Jan 8 '14 10:33

In the Netherlands, use of mobile internet has increased in 2013.

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Jul 12 '13 08:51

Spending on luxurious items like electronics has dropped in the Netherlands due to lack of consumer assurance, according to Euromonitor International’s report.

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