Minister Jet Bussemaker

Feb 9 '15 13:51

The number of pupils dropping out of school declined with 1,970 last year. The previous year the number of dropouts in secondary education and vocational education (MBO) declined with 8,300. Minister Jet Bussemaker (Education) announced the latest figures on early school leavers today.

Feb 6 '15 09:46

Christian parties in the Tweede Kamer (lower house of parliament) are against Minister Bussemaker's (Education, Culture and Science) plan to deploy 160 advisers to help ethnic and religious groups in the acceptance of homosexuality, Trouw reports.

Jan 23 '15 09:49

The Islamic University of Rotterdam (IUR) has been placed under increased supervision by the education inspectorate. The Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization NVAO is also investigating the quality of training at the IUR.

Jan 21 '15 09:04

The basic grant for students will soon be a thing of the past. The First Chamber approved the introduction of a loan system last night.

Dec 5 '14 11:31

The PvdA wants a debate in the Second Chamber and a hearing of experts on the lack of gay emancipation among conservative believers in the Netherlands.

Nov 25 '14 13:52

Dutch citizens will help to decide which topics universities will research. This was announced by Minister Jet Bussemaaker (PvdA) and State Secretary Sander Dekker (VVD) of Education, Culture and Science.

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Aug 28 '14 09:32

Teachers in The Netherlands are getting the right to time and money for teaching on the side. As part of a €1.2 billion scheme from the Cabinet to improve education, teachers in primary education will get an extra €500 and two hours per year, and teachers in continuing education will get €600 per year as well as five percent of the amount of hours they work per year, the NOS reports.

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Jun 2 '14 15:33

The Ministry of Education has renewed plans for vocational training, in which courses are pressed to direct the studies towards the needs of the region where they are based, so that students can be better prepared to fulfill the needs of the regional labour market.

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Mar 4 '14 07:30

The proposed cut-back on tailored education of €21 million is no longer going through. On top of that, €29 million is going to come in to improve tailored education.

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