Teachers get continuing education funding

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Teachers in The Netherlands are getting the right to time and money for teaching on the side. As part of a €1.2 billion scheme from the Cabinet to improve education, teachers in primary education will get an extra €500 and two hours per year, and teachers in continuing education will get €600 per year as well as five percent of the amount of hours they work per year, the NOS reports. 

Teachers in the MBO are allowed to reserve 59 hours a year for individual tutoring, the budget for this is determined by the school board.

These measures are outlined in a letter from Education Minister Jet Bussemaker and State Secretary Sander Dekker to Parliament. The letter includes plans for investments into education.

The total investment from the Cabinet amounts to €1.2 billion. Part of this money will go to lessening the workload for teachers. This plan would see adding 1200 janitorial staff and classroom assistants to schools.