Hospital room
Jun 1 '17 12:55

Eleven students and five teachers from the Strabrecht College in Geldorp were hospitalized after their school bus crashed into the back of a truck on the A16 between Duinkerken and Calais in France this morning, the school said in a statement on its website. The bus driver was critically injured and is in hospital in Lille. 

Mar 28 '17 10:15

Primary school teachers are demanding the same salary as their colleagues in secondary education with a grade two teaching qualification, according to a manifesto written by action group PO in Actie. They want the next government to release money specifically for increasing salaries and decreasing workload for primary school teachers, the Volkskrant reports.

Feb 13 '17 09:24

Both the PvdA and D66 promise to invest more money into education in their respective election campaigns. The PvdA set 5 billion euros aside for education and promises substantial salary increases for teachers and a lighter workload. The D66 assigned 4.5 billion euros to education and wants more teachers and smaller classes. 

Feb 1 '17 10:29

Many teachers in the Netherlands feel they have to avoid talking about sensitive topics such as sexual orientation and religion in their classrooms, according to a study by DUO. So-called Islamization and terrorist organization ISIS in particular are topics to be avoided. The teachers blame failed integration for this, ANP reports.

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Jan 25 '17 10:19

Almost all Dutch teachers are concerned about expensive private lessons from commercial agencies increasing inequality in education in the Netherlands, according to a survey CNV did among 5,800 teachers, RTL Nieuws reports.

A massive 85 percent of teachers indicated that they are worried about increasing inequality caused by expensive extra lessons. Such extra lessons can range from 20 euros per hour to 70 euros per hour. And not all parents can afford this.

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Jan 18 '17 08:55

King Willem-Alexander emphasized the importance of cooperating with NATO, the United Nations and Europe in his traditional New Year's speech on Tuesday. According to him, "a highly developed country like the Netherlands can not be indifferent to developments in the wider world", AD reports. 

Peace, freedom, stability and prosperity don't just happen, the King said. "Without our international partners it is simply impossible. It is therefore good if our voice continues to be heard in Europe, the UN, NATO and everywhere people think past their borders." 

Dec 13 '16 13:25

The city of Amsterdam is tackling an impending shortage of teachers in the city. On Monday the municipality presented its plan to do so, which includes a campaign to recruit teachers, researching the cause of the shortage, guiding new teachers and affordable housing, among other things, Het Parool reports.

For this plan to be effective, the municipality of Amsterdam is teaming up with primary schools, secondary schools and teacher training institutions. 

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Oct 28 '16 13:35

Two pedestrians killed in a hit-and-run accident in Tilburg on Thursday night were both teachers by profession, the Telegraaf reports. Bert van der Veeken, 62, was a lecturer at the integrated child center De Wereldwijzer and his 59 year old wife Henriette taught ad De Brakken in Rijen for 20 years, according to the newspaper.

De Wereldwijzer cancelled all classes for Friday. The teaching team came together to grieve for their colleague Bert, an employee said to the Telegraaf.

Sep 29 '16 08:43

Almost 90 percent of Dutch teachers buy supplies for their classroom out of their own pocket, according to a poll by education union AOb. This includes stickers, books, filing cabinets and craft supplies. Some of them even spend more than 200 euros

Jun 28 '16 13:10

About one in eight secondary school lessons in the Netherlands are given by teachers who do not have the necessary qualifications, according to RTL Nieuws after studying figures from the Ministry of Education.

Jun 20 '16 09:06

Children perform better in classes with other students on their same learning level, rather than just by age, according to a study the Central Planning Bureau published on Monday

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May 30 '16 09:52

GroenLinks parliamentarian Naima Azough was appointed the Netherlands' new special rapporteur on religious extremism. Up until the end of the year, her job will be to identify what works and what doesn't in the fight against radicalization and extremism in the Netherlands

May 26 '16 09:11

While the Netherlands has one of the best education systems in the world, it pays little attention to discipline in classrooms and motivating talented students, according to a large report on the state of Dutch education by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

1280px-Am_Wall_(Bremen)_01 (1)
Apr 4 '16 13:17

Six teacher training colleges will soon start training teachers specifically on healthy lifestyles. The aim is for every primary school to have, in addition to language-, math- and science experts, also a health expert in house, to watch what the children eat and make sure they exercise enough

Jan 27 '16 08:53

Secondary school teachers' workload is so high that 9 thousand extra teachers are needed just to get all teachers not working over time, according to a study done by the general education union AOb

Jan 18 '16 08:42

There seems to be a fight over teachers between the big cities. In an effort to solve their teacher shortage, Rotterdam announced a 5 thousand euro bonus for new teachers teaching difficult subjects like mathematics and science. Amsterdam alderman Eric van der Burg is advocating for a salary increase for teachers, police officers and nurses in the city.

Jan 11 '16 11:18

Monday is the first day of school for 565 kids living in the asylum seeker camp Heumensoord in Nijmegen. For many of them it is the first day of school in months, for some even in years. Kids in other emergency shelters are still waiting, Dutch newspaper AD reports.

Dec 30 '15 08:33

The Netherlands needs about 1,100 extra teachers to provide education to refugee children, the Volkskrant reported on Wednesday after their own calculations based on the number of refugee children currently in the Netherlands.

Dec 18 '15 09:40

Nearly 10 thousand teachers at elementary- and high schools fell victim to physical violence from students and parents during the previous school year, according to a survey done by AD and DUO among teachers..

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Nov 16 '15 15:50

Talk about the terrorist attacks in Paris in the classroom. Keep the discussion open. Because children often know pretty much what happened, but do not understand it.

Vluchthaven Amsterdam
Oct 1 '15 19:55

Emergency centers for refugees should start offering short, intensive Dutch language lessons to asylum seekers, said Amsterdam D66 party chairman Jan Paternotte. Speaking at city council today, Paternotte told his colleagues that they must inspire area residents to step up and help.

Aug 28 '15 09:33

The government has made a new grant available for teaching students who want to follow a master's program at a college or university. The aim for this grant is to get more teachers with a master's degree in the class room and thereby improve education.

Aug 14 '15 09:39

The police contract conflict and strikes are expanding to other sectors. Teachers, customs officers, tax officials and public transport drivers, among others are considering eventual strikes over the wage agreements the government and unions made just before the summer holidays.

BxB44vhCAAEzwc3 (1)
Jul 20 '15 14:12

The new manual for teachers on how to deal with radicalizing young people is too soft and mild and hardly offers any concrete advice.


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