MPs push for gay rights debate following controversial report

The PvdA wants a debate in the Second Chamber and a hearing of experts on the lack of gay emancipation among conservative believers in the Netherlands. This follows a report by the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP) which shows that a majority of Muslims and devout Protestants disapprove of homosexuality. The report was published today.

The report shows that gay acceptance is limited in smaller Protestant groups and Muslims. 53 percent of Muslims and 58 percent of conservative Protestants indicated that homosexuality is almost always wrong. There is very little difference in attitudes between the young and the elderly in orthodox Protestant groups and Muslims.

The PvdA is worried about this "lack of tolerance in society", said Parliament Member Keklik Yucel. "Everyone has the right to be themselves and develop. Regardless of gender, religion or orientation. Nobody determines how another must live his life and who to love." The ruling party sees an important role for role models, who act as ambassadors to increase the acceptance of homosexuals in conservative circles. Yucel wants Minister Jet Bussemaker of Emancipation to quickly get to work on this.

The results of the report were not all bad. It shows 95 percent of non-believers and Catholics believe that homosexuals should be able to live their lives as they wish. A majority supports equal rights for gay couples and accepts homosexuality within their own family.