Islamic University under investigation

The Islamic University of Rotterdam (IUR) has been placed under increased supervision by the education inspectorate. The Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization NVAO is also investigating the quality of training at the IUR.

These investigations will mainly focus on how the vision of the university on "citizenship and socia inclusion in the practice of teaching takes shape", Minister Jet Bussemaker (Education) writes on behalf of her colleague Minister Lodewijk Asscher (Social Affairs) to the Second Chamber. If the investigations give reason to intervene, Bussemaker "will not hesitate to do so".

These measures are the result of some incidents, including the fuss that arose about anti-Western and anti-democratic views expressed by the rector Ahmet Akgunduz. The rector promised to improve, but according to Bussemaker, then re-offended by making negative comments about Turkish-Dutch candidates for the European Parliament on Facebook.

The minister says that her confidence in the administration of the IUR is put to shame. Her legal options to intervene are limited as IUR is a non-funded institution. She has asked the inspectorate to pay at least to visits to the university to see how it goes.

It was announced earlier that a legislative proposal to also address non-funded institutions is on the way.