asylum seekers
Oct 14 '15 16:13

After major unrest from the 140-strong citizens of the village of Oranje in Medden-Drenthe last week, it has been decided that the village will reduce its number of asylum seeker to 700. A meeting last week that sparked the unrest raised the issue of introducing an additional 700 asylum seekers to the village, pushing that number to 1400.

new police uniforms 2
Sep 24 '15 14:46

The house of two Netherlands police officers was burgled last weekend in the municipal district of Midden-Drenthe, police spokesperson told Ernest Zinsmeijer from RVT Noord. A complete uniform was stolen from each of the two officers.

Nov 25 '14 10:33

Acting Mayor Midden-Drenthe Ton Baas (VVD) has said no to 1,400 asylum seekers getting shelter in the Drenthe village of Oranje.

Oct 31 '14 13:43

Mayor of Midden-Drenthe Jan Broertjes suddenly announced his resignation last night prior to the council debate on the social assistance policy in Midden-Drenthe.

no image
Aug 23 '13 05:31

The municipality of Midden-Drenthe has again imposed a fine of 50,000 euro to offal processor Noblesse Proteins in Wijster (Drenthe) The reason: serious foul odor. Dozens of complaints of local residents, living near the offal processor, were received by the municipality about the ‘corpse smell’.

Measurements of the municipality point out that the odor standards are exceeded, said a spokeswoman for Midden-Drenthe on Thursday. Offal Processor Noblesse received also a penalty late last year.

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