Number of asylum seekers at Oranje scaled back to 700

After major unrest from the 140-strong citizens of the village of Oranje in Midden-Drenthe last week, it has been decided that the village will reduce its number of asylum seeker to 700. A meeting last week that sparked the unrest raised the issue of introducing an additional 700 asylum seekers to the village, pushing that number to 1400.

The decision took a foothold after State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff of Security and Justice had his car attacked by angry residents at conclusion of last weeks’ meeting. The residents felt "betrayed" because previous agreements stated that the number of refugees would be limited at 700.

Midden-Drenthe municipality announced on Wednesday that it is firmly understood that no more refugees are to be arriving at the village.

Currently the holiday park in Oranje is filled with over 800 refugees and plans are underway to have that number reduced to the, now official 700, within the next few weeks.