Mar 30 '16 11:08

The Spanish police arrested several Dutch people who form part of a Drug trafficking ring smuggling between Malaga and the Netherlands. More than 500 kilos of drugs were seized

no image
Mar 18 '16 09:14

The municipality of Sittard-Geleen is following in Maastricht's footsteps and is banning coffeeshops from selling drugs to tourists. From April 1st only residents of the Netherlands can buy cannabis at coffeeshops in the city. Coffeeshop owner Peter Hendriks fears that this measure will mean a significant increase in the drug dealing on the city's streets

Mar 4 '16 09:12

The only effect the new Opium Act had is that coffeeshops are now getting more cannabis from abroad. The major illegal cannabis cultivators did not stop their activities, they simply moved them to outside the Netherlands, BNR reports based on information from several experts and people from the soft drugs industry.

Feb 25 '16 16:20

A cannabis plantation consisting of about 450 plants was discovered in a technical space of the Plettenburgse bridge in Nieuwegein on Thursday morning

Feb 23 '16 08:57

Housing firm Eigen Haard gave Amsterdam HIV patient Rudolf Hillebrand an ultimatum - either stop cultivating his own cannabis, or leave his apartment. This is despite the fact that the court ruled that Hillebrand can continue growing his own cannabis.

Feb 16 '16 12:54

The city of Haarlem will not be experimenting with regulated cannabis cultivation with its own cannabis garden, Mayor Bernt Schneiders wrote to the city council. According to him, there is no room for such experimentation in the political climate in The Hague

Dec 29 '15 07:46

Some 1 billion euros in cannabis is produced in Brabant alone, the police announced in a special broadcast of Bureau Brabant in which attention was paid to subversive crime in the province. "Brabanders can definitely not smoke so much weed. A large part is therefore intended for export", the police said.

Oct 30 '15 16:20

A 52 year old Amsterdam man was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the discovery of 1,800 kilograms of cannabis discovered in a container at the port of Rotterdam. He is suspected of importing the drugs.

Oct 30 '15 13:10

The court in Leeuwarden has found Doede de Jong, the 66 year old marijuana farmer from Appelscha, guilty of illegal cannabis cultivation in the appeal on Thursday. He did not, however, get any form of punishment. The Public Prosecutor demanded 180 hours of community service and a conditional prison sentence of two months against him.

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Oct 29 '15 12:53

The province of Flevoland is investing 1.5 million euros into the company Spirocan, which is working on developing a painkiller using medical marijuana.

Oct 20 '15 10:10

Tourists and other foreigners will remain banned from coffee shops in Maastricht. New mayor Annemarie Penn-te Strake does not want to return to the previous situation, in which the city had many problems caused by drug tourists.

No Surrender boss Brian Dalfour
Oct 17 '15 19:15

The leader of the motorcycle gang No Surrender's Amsterdam branch, Brian Dalfour, was found killed in a small house in the remote Noord-Brabant village of Wagenberg, the gang announced on Facebook. Police arrested a 39-year-old Belgian man and an unidentified 46-year-old man with no fixed address in connection with the murders of Dalfour and Muljaim Nadzak, 34, from Macedonia.

Oct 14 '15 08:58

Alex O., the 50 year old man arrested on Friday in connection with the Jumbo supermarket bombings and extortion, was the mastermind behind a series of very violent robberies in the 1990's. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison by the court in Leeuwarden in 1993.

Police sign
Aug 10 '15 11:56

The police intercepted a cannabis transport in Tilburg on Saturday afternoon. About 5 kilograms of cannabis was confiscated and two men were arrested for violating the Opium Act.

Jul 14 '15 08:57

The city of Utrecht, as well as the cities of Rotterdam, Nijmegen, Eindhoven, Heerlen and Tilburg, are still investigating whether cannabis cultivation can be regulated, Utrecht announced on Monday. The Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, is still opposed to the idea, saying that regulation does not contribute to the fight against organized crime and that it is contrary to international obligations.

Jun 23 '15 07:58

The government put cannabis cultivation equipment, similar to equipment recently confiscated by the police, up for sale in an auction in April. This includes equipment such as carbon filters, extraction systems and a grow tent - items that grow shops are not allowed to sell since the legislative amendment that took effect on March 1st

Jun 12 '15 17:47

Thursday was a big day for drug busts in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. Authorities there made two major busts in different regions of the country, with investigators seizing nearly a ton of cocaine and marijuana combined.

Jun 11 '15 10:59

The PvdA is advocating for better quality control on cannabis as an interim solution now that the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, has voted against legalizing its cultivation.

May 28 '15 09:59

According to Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan, it is currently legally impossible to start with an experiment on regulated cannabis cultivation. But he promises to continue to work hard in The Hague for permission to perform such an experiment.

May 27 '15 11:54

The police raided 27 grow shops across the Netherlands on Tuesday in a national action day to tackle businesses that facilitate cannabis cultivation. A total of 11 people were arrested.

May 22 '15 13:53

The Rotterdam Hit And Run Cargo Team found 2,800 kilograms of cannabis, worth about 10 million euros in a container after the arrest of a Customs officer, according to the Public Prosecutor.

May 22 '15 10:31

The Dutch marines intercepted a 6 thousand kilograms shipment of marijuana on the Caribbean Sea on Thursday morning. According to the Ministry of Defense, this is the largest catch ever.

May 22 '15 10:12

A business premises on Kooikerstraat in Tilburg from where The Grass Company coffee shops are supplied, has been closed down for 6 months. Mayor Peter Noordanus made this decision on Thursday after large quantities of cannabis were discovered in a hidden room.

May 15 '15 14:55

The Young Democrats, a youth wing of centrist political party D66, is opening "the world's first ecstasy-shop" in Amsterdam, the organization informs. The aim of the event it to raise public attention to legalization of the drug in the Netherlands.


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