Utrecht may test banning cannabis use in some neighborhoods

The municipality of Utrecht is investigating whether it would be possible to ban the use of cannabis in some neighborhoods. This follows the CDA prompting the Utrecht mayor for stricter action because of nuisance caused by cannabis smoking young people in the Tivoli gardens, DUIC reports.

The Tivoli gardens, a public garden in Buiten Wittevrouen, are maintained by volunteers. Since the summer of 2015 residents and volunteers have been complaining about young people smokinig cannabis in the garden, blocking passenges and occupying the gardens so that others can't enjoy them. Some residents say they feel threatened.

The CDA therefore asked the mayor fo stricter enforcement. "The municipality is responsible for the maintenance and security at these places", city councillor Marloes Metaal said, according to the newspaper. "There must be quicker intervention. In other cities areas are desiganted where a cannabis ban applies. We believe that this option should be investigated."

The municipality agreed to investigate the option of a cannabis ban in certain neighborhoods. The results of this investigation is expected in about 2 months time.