Scary movie: Woman stabbed in cinema when Amsterdammer flips out from smoking weed

A comedy film turned into a horror movie for a 20-year-old woman on Saturday night. While watching comedy Why Him in the Pathe Spuimarkt in The Hague, the 23-year-old Amsterdam man sitting next to her suddenly freaked out and stabbed her in the arm with a screwdriver. This was shortly after he stepped out to smoke a joint, various visitors in the cinema said to newspaper AD.

According to the newspaper, the man came back into the cinema still carrying what was left of his fragrant joint. Other visitors asked him to put it away, and he did. 

About 30 minutes later he attacked the woman next to him. Some male movie watchers quickly intervened, overpowered the man and held him unitl the security arrived to take over.

Walter van de Beek, business manager of Pathe, called what happened a "terrible incident". "We've never experienced anything like this", he said to the newspaper. "The person in question did not stand out, it completely surprised us. We also looked at which film was playing, it was a comedy: Why Him. That also does not fit with the incident. It's not a movie in which there is any aggression."

Everyone in the cinema was given a free drink or snack as well as a voucher to watch the film again. "We also spoke to the lady in question, she does not want to go to the cinema for the time being and that is understandable. We asked her to contact us if she changes her mind."