Dec 8 '15 11:10

Research done by the Dutch pharmacological vigilance center Lareb could neither prove or rule out a link between the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer and side effects suffered by girls who were vaccinated

Nov 14 '14 13:48

Twenty of the 600 thousand children who were vaccinated against swine flu in 2009, have contracted the severe sleeping sickness narcolepsy. This is evident from reports received by the side effects center Lareb.

Mar 11 '14 16:33

It has been long known that taking antidepressants can negatively affect the libido, but the effects may be long-lasting to permanent, according to a soon to be published article by Side-affects Center, Lareb.

Oct 25 '13 02:10

At least 27 women in the Netherlands may have died from side effects from the controversial contraceptive Diane-35.

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