King's Day

Ferdinand Grapperhaus
Apr 29 '20 10:11

The measures in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus will be in force for a while yet, according to Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security. He understands that more Netherlands residents will want to push the boundaries, especially as the weather improves. But he urges them to stick to the rules, NOS reports.

A police dog celebrating King’s Day at home. April 27, 2020
Apr 27 '20 19:06

Police in the Netherlands issued 719 fines for social distancing violations over the long King's Day weekend, authorities said at the end of Monday afternoon. More fines were handed out on Saturday, 345, than on Sunday, when 309 people were ticketed.

Officers followed that up by giving out just 65 tickets on Monday, as of 4 p.m. Police said the normally bustling holiday was "very quiet" this year.

Dutch flag
Apr 27 '20 16:40

Temperatures in De Bilt, Utrecht climbed to 18 degrees Celsius at noon on Monday, making it the warmest King's Day ever. The previous record dated from King's Day 2014, Weeronline reported. While today is the warmest King's Day, it is not the warmest April 27th in Netherlands history.

That record stands at 27.3 degrees in 2007 - before King Willem-Alexander took the throne.

Apr 27 '20 10:21

"How special is it that we managed to form a unit at a distance from each other," said King Willem-Alexander in a speech given from Huis Ten Bosch, the royal palace where he resides. "King's Day at home promises to be a unique day. And especially unique because I hope this will be the very last King's Day at home," he said with his wife, Queen Maxima, and their children by his side.

King Willem-Alexander, 2020
Apr 27 '20 09:57

The coronavirus crisis has many Netherlands residents appreciating King Willem-Alexander and his actions, according to the annual King's Day survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of NOS. The Dutch population gave the King a score of 7.7 this year - the highest figure of his entire term so far, NOS reports.

Police speaking with people on the Javaplein in Amsterdam. April 26, 2020
Apr 27 '20 08:26

The Security Council, which consists of the mayors that head the 25 safety regions in the Netherlands, are calling on Netherlands residents to celebrate King's Day at home. If you do have to go outside, make sure to keep 1.5 meters apart, Nijmegen mayor and Security Council chairman Hubert Bruls said on the Security Council website. 

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima opening the King's games in Enschede, 26 April 2013
Apr 27 '20 07:42

Like everyone else whose had a birthday since the start of the coronavirus crisis, King Willem-Alexander will be celebrating his birthday at home today, instead of the planned festivities in Maastricht. There will also be no festivals, no flea markets and no parties. But just because everyone's stuck at home, does not mean King's Day can not be celebrated, according to the Oranjebond.

Hundreds of people enjoyed the weather in Amsterdam’s Oosterpark despite calls to stay at home
Apr 25 '20 12:22

This year's King's Day is expected to hit its highest ever temperature, according to forecasts from local weather service Weeronline. The temperature on Monday is likely to exceed 17.7 degrees Celsius, making it the warmest King's Day since 2014, when temperatures topped 17.6 degrees Celsius.

King’s Day, or Koningsdag, is one of the most eagerly anticipated public holidays in the Netherlands. However, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the advice of the government to remain home, this year the holiday has been dubbed Woningsdag, or "Home's Day".

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima opening the King's games in Enschede, 26 April 2013
Apr 17 '20 11:00

Virtual reality developer Vrroom is hosting the Netherlands' first ever King's Day VR Festival, given that the usual King's Day celebrations can't happen due to restrictions in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The VR party will have room for some 30 thousand attendees and proceeds of ticket sales will be donated to the Food Bank, AD reports.

Apr 15 '20 07:50

The association of Oranje societies KBOV presented an alternative program to celebrate King's Day on April 27, while also adhering to social distancing rules in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Instead of free markets and open air concerts, this year King's day will have digital flea markets and a toast to the King from home, NOS reports.

King's Day 2018 in Amsterdam
Mar 21 '20 08:00

Dutch embassies, consulates, and other diplomatic missions around the globe have been ordered to cancel their annual King’s Day celebrations in the wake of the international coronavirus pandemic. The Netherlands manages over 150 such offices around the world, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima opening the King's games in Enschede, 26 April 2013
Feb 18 '20 10:56

King Willem-Alexander and his family will be entertained with a "surprising and versatile" program that showcases the "colorful region and culture" when they visit Maastricht for King's Day on April 27th. The theme of the King's birthday celebration will be Leef Maastricht!, the Telegraaf reports.

King Willem-Alexander and mayor Lucas Bolsuis (left) during the King's Day festivities in Amersfoort, 27 April 2019
Sep 23 '19 13:40

The Royal family will spend King's Day, King Willem-Alexander's birthday on April 27th, in Maastricht next year, government information service Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst announced on Monday. Maastricht is looking forward to the visit, mayor Annemarie Penn-te Strake said to AD.

King's Day in Amsterdam
Jun 26 '19 07:55

People in the Netherlands largely agree about what it means to be Dutch, valuing the same traditions and symbols regardless of origin, age or level of education. Dutch also agree on what they consider to be the biggest threats to the Dutch identity - polarization and Islam, the social and cultural planning office SCP found in a two year long study into the Dutch identity titled Dekend aan Nederland.

Princess Amalia
May 2 '19 13:30

Princess Amalia became more popular in the Netherlands after King's Day this year. The crown princess is now the third most popular member of the Royal Family, after her parents, according to a survey by DVJ Insights on behalf of RTL Nieuws. 

Like in previous years, Queen Maxima is still the most popular member of the Dutch Royal Family, followed by King Willem-Alexander. But where the top 3 was always completed by Princess Beatrix, Princess Amalia now stands in third place. 6 percent of respondents said she is the most sympathetic member of the Royal Family.

King Willem-Alexander and mayor Lucas Bolsuis (left) during the King's Day festivities in Amersfoort, 27 April 2019
Apr 29 '19 13:20

Some 45 thousand people braved the rain and cold on Saturday to spend King's Day with the Royal family in Amersfoort. Mayor Lucas Bolsuis called it "a fantastic King's Day". King Willem-Alexander spoke of a "fantastic birthday party", the Telegraaf reports.

The Dutch Royals wave at the thousands gathered on Vismarkt after spending King's Day in Groningen, 27 April 2018
Apr 27 '19 07:00

King Willem-Alexander and his family are visiting Amersfoort today to celebrate the King's 52nd birthday. The Royal family will walk a route of just over a kilometer through the city center, encountering various performances and exhibitions.

The Royals are expected to arrive on Kleine Haag at Marienhof at 11:00 a.m., where they will be welcomed by the mayor. The King and Queen will then take a photo with the day's storytellers, who will share the tale of Amersfoort and the region around it throughout the day. 

Egg throwing on King's Day in Amsterdam
Apr 26 '19 18:00

Big plans are in place across Amsterdam as the city gets ready to celebrate King Willem-Alexander's 52nd birthday with parties, eight large festivals, and flea markets. Here follows a summary of the events in Amsterdam tomorrow, with hundreds of thousands of people planning to visit the city from around the Netherlands.

Note that none of the large festivals are selling tickets at the door, you need to buy your ticket online beforehand. 

King's Day 2018 in Amsterdam
Apr 26 '19 17:49

Residents of and visitors to Amsterdam may have to take an alternative route when moving about the city on King's Day today. Parts of the city are blocked off to car traffic, and public transit in the capital are running on adjusted schedules and alternative routes. 

Enforcement officer in Amsterdam, 7 May 2017
Apr 26 '19 16:40

A strike organized by two enforcement officers' unions in Amsterdam on King's Day will not happen, the court in Amsterdam ruled on Friday. The municipality filed summary proceedings on Tuesday to prevent the strike, reports.

King's Day flags in Amersfoort, 26 April 2019
Apr 26 '19 15:50

After months of preparations, King's Day is only one day away and Amersfoort is just about ready to receive King Willem-Alexander and his family on his birthday. The city center, which the Royals will tour through on Saturday, is covered in flags and the final stages are being built along the route, Metro Nieuws reports.

King Willem-Alexander and mayor Eberhard van der Laan on the facade of cafe Blaffende Vis in Amsterdam. King's Day, 27 April 2018
Apr 26 '19 14:10

King's Day is a big deal in the Netherlands and especially in Amsterdam, where multiple parties are held on the day to celebrate King Willem-Alexander's birthday. But you don't have to wait for tomorrow to start celebrating, with various King's Night parties ready to get you into the King's Day spirit on Friday night. 

Here follows an overview of King's Night parties in Amsterdam tonight, compiled by

Apr 26 '19 08:29

The past week's nice weather came to an end just in time for King's Day to be chilly, wet and windy. Those attending King's Day celebrations on Saturday are advised to take a jacket and an umbrella 

Friday will be mostly cloudy with some rain, according to Weeronline. Maximums will range between 16 and 19 degrees, with a weak to moderate wind from the southwest to west.

King's Day in Amsterdam
Apr 25 '19 14:20

While the majority of Dutch still find King's Day a fun party, four in ten people say that they are not a fan of the holiday on King Willem-Alexander's birthday, according to a study by among 1,025 Dutch people, RTL Nieuws reports


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