Karel Doorman

Hr. Ms. De Ruyter
Nov 16 '16 07:32

The missing Dutch warships that disappeared from the bottom of the Java Sea may have been sold as scrap metal by Asian salvage companies, maritime historian Jaap Anten said in Het Oog Op Moorgen.

The ships involved are Hr. Ms. De Ruyter and Hr. Ms. Java and a large part of Hr. Ms Kortenaer. With them disappeared the war graves of over 900 Dutch soldiers and some 250 Indonesian soldiers who fought in the Battle of the Java Sea in February 1942. All three ships sunk in that battle. 

Feb 12 '16 09:13

NATO will help Greece and Turkey to tackle human traffickers on the Aegean Sea and in so doing curb the flow of asylum seekers. And the Netherlands is offering a frigate to support this action. "We will deliver", Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert of Defense said, adding that a ship will be made available in the short term.

Jan 21 '15 13:25

Three stowaways managed to hide on the Karel Doorman, the largest ship of the Royal Marines. "I was speechless", says the commander of the ship. "This is Africa."

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Nov 19 '14 13:03

Emergency services has started to unload the Netherlands' marine vessel Karel Doorman in Sierra Leone. The ship brought medical and other supplies to help in the fight against Ebola.

Nov 5 '14 11:32

The Karel Doorman is being loaded with medical supplies in the port of Den Helder today. The Marine vessel will be leaving for West Africa on Thursday to take supplies for the fight against Ebola.

Oct 14 '14 14:44

Four beds are available at the University Medical Center Utrecht for international aid workers who exhibit symptoms of Ebola, as was agreed in the European agreement.

World Port Days in Rotterdam this past weekend (Source: Twitter/@Njeriwajoe)
Sep 8 '14 13:01

The World Port Days in Rotterdam this weekend drew a record number of visitors. 450 thousand people attended this event to have a look behind the scenes of Rotterdam's port.

Sep 4 '14 15:59

The Kare Doorman, the brand new sailing giant of the Royal Marines, is neatly moored at the Wilhelmina Pier in Rotterdam.

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