car accident
Mar 15 '18 18:00

Dutch insurers want a 'black box' installed in each car. According to the Dutch association of insurers VNV, such a event data recorder (EDR) will not only make handling damage claims and finding the guilty party of an accident easier, but will also help prevent insurance fraud and increase traffic safety, NOS reports.

"A data recorder will provide us with a lot of information about road safety, where things go wrong, how things go wrong. We can also use this data to make the Netherlands more traffic safe", the insurers said according to the broadcaster.

Storm damage to Almere Central Station, 18 Jan 2018
Jan 19 '18 09:16

A massive storm that hit the Netherlands on Thursday caused around 90 million euros worth of damage to cars and homes, according to a prognosis the Dutch association of insurers VvV released on Friday morning. Thursday's storm is the third largest to hit the Netherlands this century, the association said. The Netherlands annually deals with four to five large storms across the country, with an average annual damage of 50 million euros.

Feb 15 '17 14:35

Trucks with expensive cargo are increasingly targeted by gangs, especially in the southern parts of the Netherlands. These gangs empty the trucks' trailers while they're parked in parking lots, or even while they are moving, according to the annual Transport Crime report the police published on Wednesday, the Telegraaf reports.

Big data
Nov 8 '16 11:40

A fifth of Dutch companies with at least 10 employees analyze so-called Big Data - large amounts of unstructured data, according to Statistics Netherlands. This often involves analysis of their own data, but one in 10 companies also analyze data from outside the company.

Big data analysis is more common in large companies than smaller ones. About 15 percent of companies with between 10 and 20 employees do it, compared to 42 percent of companies with 500 or more employees.

Oct 5 '16 11:01

NN Group made a 2.4 billion euro offer to acquire smaller rival insurer Delta Lloyd, the largest insurer in the Dutch market announced on Wednesday. The bid was sent to Delta Lloyd on Monday

Jun 27 '16 07:36

The Ministry of Economic Affairs is holding a crisis meeting with various farmers' unions and insurers on Monday to discuss the damage storms in Limburg and Noord-Brabant caused last week. On Friday LTO Nederland estimated that farmers in those provinces suffered about 100 million euros worth of damage

May 31 '16 14:30

The heavy rains and thunderstorms that moved across the Netherlands on Monday resulted in about 10 million euros worth of damage, according to the Association of Insurers rough estimation based on the damage claims filed so far, reports.

The claims mostly involved damage to buildings, cars  and housing content. Most of the claims came from the eastern part of the country, Gelderland and Twente in particular.

May 20 '16 10:08

Dutch central bank DNB is deeply concerned about the "profound consequences" the superlow interest rates will have on the entire financial sector, director of Supervision at DNB Jan Sijbrand said on Thursday

May 12 '16 12:30

Insurance companies suffer hundreds of millions of euros in damages through insurance fraud every year. And those damages are covered by the consumer - an average Dutch household pays about 100 euros a year more to cover damages caused by fraudsters, according to a report by the Center for Combating Insurance Fraud of the Association of Insurers

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Feb 25 '16 14:40

Despite a few difficult years during and following the financial crisis, the Netherlands' national wealth continued to grow and is currently standing at a staggering 3.7 trillion euros, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Thursday. That is 3.7 with eleven zeros.

Jan 4 '16 10:37

The police and insurers noticed a dramatic increase in the number of stolen electric bicycles in 2015. The parties will be paying extra attention to tackling this crime in the coming year. This includes the police deploying more bait bicycles to track down gangs and professional thieves

Nov 19 '15 15:10

The massive wind storm that hit the Netherlands during the early hours of Wednesday morning caused about 10 million euros worth of damage to building and possessions.

Nov 3 '15 14:07

Heath insurers have urged their clients to double check their medical bills after a visit to the hospital, after insurer CZ has reported over 400,000 cases of incorrectly invoices. That is double the amount of last year.

financial-fraud (Source:
Jul 30 '15 13:58

Last year insurers saved nearly 99 million euros by tackling fraud - a 10 percent increase compared to 2013, despite the fact that fewer investigations were done, the Association of Insurers announced on Thursday.

Jul 23 '15 12:30

From this autumn the police will work with private tracking companies when searching for stolen cars. This will be a trial run in Oost-Nederland at first. If it proves successful, the approach will be implemented in the rest of the country, NOS reports.

Car Accident
Jul 9 '15 15:30

Motorists can very likely soon expect an increase on their car insurance premiums. This past year insurers had to pay out 300 million euros more than they received from contributions.

Apr 1 '15 12:17

The March storm that hit the Netherlands yesterday caused an estimated 10 million euros worth of damage. This is according to the initial estimation of the Alliance of Insurers, Blik op nieuws reports. By 11:00 p.m. last night, the emergency services network P2000 had received more than 1,300 reports of storm damage.

Feb 23 '15 18:06

Hundreds of psychiatrists and psychotherapists are refusing to sign contracts with health insurance providers because of their alleged interference with practices and treatment, the Volkskrant reported.

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Feb 19 '15 16:09

Over 1.1 million people in the Netherlands switched to a new health insurance provider for 2015, reveal figures released on Wednesday.

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Feb 4 '15 14:08

The repair of the IJsselstein house that was heavily damaged by a toppling crane in December, has been delayed. According to Arnold Wagemakers of housing corporation Provides (which owns the house), the delays are caused by the bad weather.

Dec 22 '14 09:09

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) will fine insurer Delta Lloyd a maximum of 22.8 million euro. DNB also requires that CFO Emiel Roozen leave his position by January 1st, 2016.

Dec 1 '14 10:56

Several Dutch insurers have not passed the major European stress test SCR.

no image
Nov 4 '14 09:26

Six of the top ten insurance groups in the Netherlands have made major improvements in terms of sustainable investments in the last half year.

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