Wind storm caused at least €10 million in damage

Storm damage in Wijchen - tent ends up in tree - Nov 18th, 2015 (Photo: @123456henk/Twitter)Storm damage in Wijchen - tent ends up in tree - Nov 18th, 2015 (Photo: @123456henk/Twitter)

The massive wind storm that hit the Netherlands during the early hours of Wednesday morning caused about 10 million euros worth of damage to building and possessions.

This is according to the first estimate of the Alliance of Insurers, based on the first claims received and historical loss data.

The storm was accompanied by gusts of up to 100 kilometers per hour along the coast and up to 95 kilometers per hour further inland. Zuid-Holland and West-Brabant was hit the hardest, with most of the damage claims coming from there, though damage reports were also received from the northern provinces and further inland.

Most of the damage was caused by fallen trees, flying branches and debris, sometimes combined with water damage.

According to the insurers, this is the fourth "million storm" - storm that caused millions worth of damage - this year. The previous million storms were in January, March and July.