damage claims

Container Terminal
Jun 30 '17 15:05

Container company APM finally reopened one of its two terminals at the port of Rotterdam after being hit in a global ransomware attack on Tuesday. So far Dutch insurers received only a few damage claims from businesses affected by the Petya attack, BNR reports after talking to a number of large insurers.

Long lines at Schiphol airport, 23 Apr 2017
May 12 '17 14:20

Organizations Claimingo and Reisrecht are officially filing damage claims against Schiphol and a number of airlines for delays passengers suffered in the May holiday due to long lines at the airport. The organizations are representing hundreds of passengers, lawyer Alexander Colenbrander of Claimingo said to the Telegraaf on Friday.

Jul 28 '16 15:15

The extreme rain-, wind- and hail storms that hit large parts of the Netherlands led to at least 500 million euros in damage claims, according to the initial figures of the Dutch association of insurers VNV. This includes damage to homes, cars and agricultural companies

Jul 12 '16 10:40

The heavy rain and hailstorms that hit the Netherlands over the past weeks are leading to massive costs for insurer Achmea. The insurer estimates that its clients submitted about 260 million euros in damage claims so far - enough that Achmea expects to end the first half of this year in the red

May 31 '16 14:30

The heavy rains and thunderstorms that moved across the Netherlands on Monday resulted in about 10 million euros worth of damage, according to the Association of Insurers rough estimation based on the damage claims filed so far, NU.nl reports.

The claims mostly involved damage to buildings, cars  and housing content. Most of the claims came from the eastern part of the country, Gelderland and Twente in particular.

Jan 12 '16 09:37

Some 5 thousand Dutch owners of Volkswagen cars with software that tampers with diesel emissions filed fraud claims with the foundation Volkswagen Audi Claim. The foundation will jointly recover the damages from Volkswagen

car accident
Nov 26 '15 08:45

The number of traffic accidents involving cars declined last year. In 2014 insurers recorded 462 thousand insurance claims after a traffic accident, compared to 483 thousand in 2013. The road is most dangerous at the start of the school year and during morning and evening rush rush hour due to the low hanging sun.

Nov 19 '15 15:10

The massive wind storm that hit the Netherlands during the early hours of Wednesday morning caused about 10 million euros worth of damage to building and possessions.

Oct 23 '15 16:00

A class-action lawsuit has been filed in San Jose, California against social network LinkedIn to claim damages for the sending of unsolicited emails containing the members’ photograph and information. Broadcaster BNR reported that the claims go against the alleged improper use of the site's “Add Connections” service to grow its member base.

May 8 '15 09:38

More than 6,100 suspects have bee wrongfully detained in the Netherlands over the past year, for which they got more than 11 million euros in damages. If other compensations such as legal fees, travel expenses and loss of income are included, these wrongfully imprisoned people cost the government about 28.8 million euros - that is excluding the average of 250 euros per day it costs to detain someone

May 7 '15 08:28

The storm that blew through the Netherlands on Tuesday and Wednesday caused damages amounting about a million euros.

Feb 13 '15 12:24

Groningen has once again fallen victim to earthquakes. This time two earthquakes in two days.

Dec 31 '14 12:25

The Nederlandsche Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) has received 235 damage claims after the earthquake in Groningen early Tuesday morning. According to NAM, it involves relatively minor damage, such as cracks in walls and damage to plaster.

Dec 30 '14 14:21

The Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM, Dutch Petroleum Company) has received 75 damage claims after the earthquake in Groningen early this morning. These include reports of cracks in walls and damage to plaster.

Brabant Riot
Sep 10 '14 08:32

At least 65 of the 100 people arrested in December last year during the riots in Veen have claimed damages with the Department of Justice. They argue that they were falsely arrested, their lawyer Marc Crombach announces, Omroep Brabant reports.

Sep 4 '14 11:15

Ministers Edith Schippers of Health and Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs have been deemed responsible for damage by around 320 Q-fever patients in The Netherlands. These patients believe that the government took too long to establish measure when the epidemic struck.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte
Aug 27 '14 07:51

On the 10th of November, there will be a national commemoration ceremony for all 298 passengers lost in the tragic Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash in Ukraine, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announces Tuesday, Omroep Brabant reports.

May 5 '14 08:21

Damages paid to residents of Groningen for earthquake repairs have partly been used for holidays trips or paying outstanding accounts. This is according to construction companies and the Netherlands Crude Oil Association (NAM), BNR reports.

Dec 6 '13 15:02

The Fortis Bank board is guilty of mismanagement, as evidenced by a ruling of the Supreme Court. The former directors of Fortis can now be held liable for the failure of Fortis.

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