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Jan 21 '16 09:52

A despairing asylum seeker set himself on fire at the Zaandam asylum shelter on Wednesday evening while shouting about his children. He was saved from life-threatening injury by other residents of the camp in the Burgemeester in't Veldpark

Jan 14 '16 13:00

Members of the United Kurdish Society in Amsterdam started a hunger strike on Wednesday, hoping that this action will raise awareness of the Kurdish persecution in southeast Turkey.

Dec 14 '15 07:23

The Rotterdam faction of the PvdA asked the mayor and aldermen to offer safe shelter to 10 LGBT asylum seekers currently living in the emergency shelter in Alphen aan den Rijn. On Friday these 10 asylum seekers started a hunger strike because they are systematically threatened, abused and even assaulted by other refugees because of their sexual orientation

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Dec 25 '14 16:02

Two of the four jihad suspects who have been on a hunger strike since Sunday, have started eating again. At least one of the four is still on the hunger strike, his lawyer said today.

Dec 15 '14 13:53

Mark van N., better known as the "horror dentist", has stopped eating and drinking. According to ANP, he made this announcement today during the summary proceedings about his imminent deportation to France. In France, the dentist is accused of mistreating dozens of patients.

Nov 13 '14 11:39

The alleged jihad recruiter Abou Moussa has gone on a hunger and thirst strike in protest against his treatment in the prison in Vught.

Joran van der Sloot (Source: Twitter/@DownsAndOut)
Sep 29 '14 13:26

Joran van der Sloot's (27) wife Leidy (25) gave birth to a little girl named Dushi Trudie.

It was a difficult delivery, but both mother and daughter are doing well, De Telegraaf reports. On Monday van der Sloot was not yet aware of the baby news, according to RTL.

Leidy chose the name Dushi, which means "sweet" in Papiamento. Van der Sloot chose the girl's second name, Trudie, after his grandmother.

Joran van der Sloot (Source: Twitter/@DownsAndOut)
Aug 26 '14 14:02

Joran van der Sloot has gone on a hunger strike because of his transfer to another prison in Peru. Guards found a mobile phone in his possession.

Mar 11 '14 08:09

New investigations still don't offer any evidence that a 19-year old boy was murdered in Schiedam in 2008. The Public Prosecution Authority (OM) announced this on Monday. The boy's body was found in the Brielse Meer, after he had been missing for a week.

Jan 6 '14 15:28

The Netherlands expressed concerns to Egypt about the poor conditions in which Dutch national Ahmed Diini is being detained, wrote the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Diini's lawyer, André Seebregts.

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