Dentist, accused of murder & patient mutilation, starving himself

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Mark van N., better known as the "horror dentist", has stopped eating and drinking. According to ANP, he made this announcement today during the summary proceedings about his imminent deportation to France. In France, the dentist is accused of mistreating dozens of patients.

In the summary proceedings, Van N. wants to prevent the deportation, because he has suicidal tendencies. In this hearing Van N. once again declared that he would "rather be dead". According to Van N., he has had these suicidal tendencies from 2007. "We want to get a postponement until he is well. And we want France to guarantee that he can get treatment." His lawyer, Lauk Woltring, stated earlier.

Van N. has been on his hunger and thirst strike since Wednesday. What led to this is the fact that one of his psychologists gave his medical records to the Public Prosecutor, rather than to another practitioner. "I am very sad about this. My sense of security is gone." Van N. said.  According to Woltring, Van N.'s psychological problems are caused by the fact that he really want to be a woman. The only person who knew this was his partner, who died in 2006.

The Dutch state has declared that Van N. can also get the necessary care in France. The ruling on his deportation from the court of the Hague will follow on December 23rd.

Van N. was arrested in Canada in September at the request of France. France wants to sue the dentist for his misconduct in his dental practice in Chateau-Chinon. The dentist allegedly pulled healthy teeth, broke jaws and left parts of instruments in patients' gums. Patients have suffered from sepsis, quickly recurring abscesses and damage to the roots of their teeth.

The Dutch prosecutor is also investigating Van N., who had a practice in the Hague before leaving for France. The Public Prosecutor has no objection to Van N. first being tried in France.