Hunger strike for suspected jihad recruiter in prison

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The alleged jihad recruiter Abou Moussa has gone on a hunger and thirst strike in protest against his treatment in the prison in Vught. 

His lawyer André Seebregts announced this today. Abou Moussa, real name Azzedine C., has not had anything to drink since Tuesday. He started his hunger strike earlier. He is in the "terrorist department" in the penitentiary in Vught. According to Seegbregts, C. is weakened.

The main reason for C.'s decision is his "harassment" in the terrorist department. According to the 32 year old C., this includes unnecessary violence if he does not follow orders fast enough and humiliation. He also complains that he is searched over his genitals and asked to undress unnecessarily often.

With a hunger and thirst strike the prisoner has the right to self-determination. According to Seebregts this means that C. can not be forced to drink or eat. Seebregts has serious concerns about the health and stresses that a person can die within 3 to 6 days of a thirst strike.

C. is suspected of recruiting people for the jihad in Syria and Iraq. He is accused of preparing for murder/manslaughter with a terrorist intent.