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Europol building in The Hague
Nov 11 '19 11:45

Dutch police arrested 70 people last week in a cooperative effort to tackle those suspected of mobile banditry, a catch-all term for people who travel around to engage in criminal acts like theft, burglary, fraud, identity fraud, and drug trafficking. The suspects in these cases often work across international borders, requiring assistance from policing agencies like Europol, Interpol, and other national police forces.

Roulette table and slot machines
Nov 7 '19 15:10

Police in Venlo arrested four men accused of ripping off the Holland Casino location there. The suspects were also persons of interest in similar crimes investigated by Interpol, and may have targeted other casinos in Europe including in the Netherlands.

Officers said the suspects tried to manipulate the results of an automatic roulette machine by first breaking the lid, then lifting the glass off the game. “After that, the ball was probably stopped in the ‘right’ box after which it registered a ‘win,’” police said in a statement.

Slot machines
Jun 10 '19 15:10

A young man from Belgium won big during his first ever visit to a casino. The young man, who asked to remain anonymous, won the Mega Millions Jackpot at the Holland Casino in Breda on Friday night. He walked away with 1,381,724.60 euros, BN De Stem reports.

"This shows how you can strike lucky even on a first visit", the casino manager said to the newspaper. "While enjoying a glass of champagne, the guest received a check of almost 1.4 million euros tax-free."

Emergency services at the scene of a massive fire at Holland Casino in Groningen, the casino was completely destroyed, 27 Aug 2017
Aug 29 '17 16:10

There are no indications that arson was involved in a massive fire that destroyed the Holland Casino in Groningen on Sunday, mayor Peter den Oudsten said on Tuesday. The police are therefore halting their investigation. RTL Nieuws reports.

Emergency services at the scene of a massive fire at Holland Casino in Groningen, the casino was completely destroyed, 27 Aug 2017
Aug 28 '17 08:37

The Holland Casino in Groningen was completely destroyed in a massive fire that was discovered around 7:00 a.m. on Sunday, and which firefighters finally managed to get under control around 3:30 p.m. No one was seriously injured, but millions of euros of damage was done, Dagblad van het Noorden reports.

Sep 20 '16 09:36

A lucky visitor to the Amsterdam branch of Holland Casino put five euros into a slot machine during the early hours of Monday morning and walked out with 2.2 million euros

Holland Casino in Eindhoven
Feb 24 '16 14:20

The Belgian police arrested six men in connection with a casino robbery in Valkenburg and a jewelry store robbery in Eijsden, Zuid-Limburg, both in 2014

Holland Casino in Eindhoven
Dec 21 '15 15:20

A very lucky woman from Gelderland won the 3.65 million euro tax free Mega Millions Jackpot at Holland Casino in Utrecht on Saturday night after playing 5 euros at a slot machine, the casino announced. This is the highest slot machine jackpot ever in the Netherlands.

Nov 27 '15 10:13

Almost 1.5 million Dutch people sometimes or often gamble on online gambling sites. The total spent on these sites amounts to about 500 million euros a year.

Holland Casino in Eindhoven
Jul 2 '15 12:47

Willem-Jan van den Dijssel will be stepping down as interim CEO of Holland Casino as of August 1st, the casino announced on Wednesday. An investigation into his claims revealed that Van den Dijssel made private charges to a business credit card and repaid it late.

Nov 7 '14 11:33

Operators of casinos and slot machine entrepreneurs fear that the Cabinet's plan to legalize online gambling will lead to major cutbacks in their own sector.

Jun 23 '14 09:01

Five masked men robbed the Holland Casino in Valkenburg, forcing their way in at around 2 in the morning and demanding the staff to give them money.

Mar 25 '14 12:37

It has been described as a prize of a lifetime: a man won almost €3 million Saturday night on a slot machine in a Holland Casino in Enschede.

Mar 10 '14 13:30

Staff at Holland Casino will strike on Friday. The strikers are demanding a better social plan for the employees who are going to be axed due to cuts. This concerns several hundreds of people.

Holland Casino
Jan 21 '14 14:24

Holland Casino is going to eliminate further 150 to 200 jobs, about 5% of its workforce.

Online Casino
Dec 11 '13 16:46

Dutch gambling monopoly Holland Casino has signed a contract with Playtech to supply online casino software ahead of the regulation of online gambling in the Netherlands, iGaming Business reports.

Holland Casino in Den Haag
Nov 26 '13 09:39

Holland Casino is cutting 100 jobs at its headquarters part of a new strategy.

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