Lucky woman hits €3.65 million slot machine jackpot on €5 bet

Holland Casino in Eindhoven
The Holland Casino in Eindhoven alongside several restaurants and cafes. Aug. 29, 2016Photo: mathes / DepositPhotos

A very lucky woman from Gelderland won the 3.65 million euro tax free Mega Millions Jackpot at Holland Casino in Utrecht on Saturday night after playing 5 euros at a slot machine, the casino announced. This is the highest slot machine jackpot ever in the Netherlands.

"The winner jumped into her husbands arms, with tears running down her cheek," according to the casino. The jackpot was announced with loud music and confetti and the woman was soon surrounded by guests and staff who congratulated her.

The 46 year old woman wisely decided to remain anonymous, but told the casino that she had a feeling that something good was going to happen. After she lost a few euros she decided to go have a bite to eat. "Then I won some money at another machine and returned to the Mega and then it was all bells and whistles", she said.

The jackpot was celebrated with champagne and snacks for all guests.

Thanks to Marco Verch for the Holland Casino photo.