Dominican Republic

Mar 4 '19 15:50

Three people were arrested in the Dominican Republic in connection with the death of a 55-year-old Dutch man last week. The suspects are the victim's 22-year-old wife and two men in their twenties, NOS reports.

The Dutch man was gunned down at his home in Puerto Plata. He was shot multiple times while sitting in his car. 

According to Dominican media, one of the male suspects had a relationship with the victim's wife. She asked him to kill her husband for around 3,500 euros. 

Jan 5 '18 14:18

A man from Venezuela was arrested in the Dominican Republic under suspicion of involvement in the murder of two Dutch citizens from Amsterdam last year.

According to the Dominican Republic's police the arrested man's name is Carlos José Gascon González alias El Gocho (the pig). He is supposedly the leader of a criminal group active in the Caribbean, South America, the USA and Europe. According to newspaper AD he was captured on Dec. 29 in the neighborhood of Piantini in Santo Doming, the capital city.

Nov 8 '17 15:40

A suspect was arrested at the airport of Medellin in Colombia in connection with the execution of two Dutch persons in the Dominican Republic. Their bodies were found on a sugar cane plantation in the east of the Dominican Republic in June, RTL Nieuws reports.

Princess Juliana International Airport after Hurricane Irma, 7 Sept 2017
Sep 7 '17 12:40

The situation in the part of the Dominican Republic that will soon be hit by Hurricane Irma, was still calm on Thursday morning, Odile Horjus from Doetinchem said to the Gelderlander. "It's very quiet. It's only raining steadily", the Dutch woman, who lives in Sousa on the north coast of the Caribbean sate, said around 9:00 a.m. Dutch time, 3:00 a.m. Dominican time. 

Sint Maarten after Hurricane Irma, 7 Sept 2017
Sep 7 '17 11:15

At least 2,400 Dutch travelers are currently in the areas that will soon face the wrath of Hurricane Irma, according to travel agency TUI, reports.

Around 1,600 Dutch are on Cuba and the Dominican Republic. They booked trips through TUI subsidiary Kras. The other 800 are in the American state of Florida.

TUI also has four travelers on Sint Maarten, where Hurricane Irma hit on Wednesday, leaving devastation in its wake. TUI managed to make contact with all four Dutch and they are doing well.

Dec 29 '16 15:25

The longest delayed flight of 2016 was a TUIfly flight from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to Schiphol. The flight was delayd for 43 hours and 19 minutes, EUClaim - a company that assists aggrieved passangers - announced on Thursday, ANP reports.

The delay started with a technical fault on the original aircraft. The replacement plane from HiFly then crashed into a passenger bridge, which means that another replacement plane had to be sent. This took so long that the flight crew needed to be given time to rest before the flight could begin. 

Jun 13 '16 10:40

A Dutch couple died while on honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, tour operator TUI informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday. Their cause of death is still unknown and the Ministry has not received official notice from the local authorities

May 19 '16 14:45

A 39-year-old Amsterdam resident was arrested at Schiphol airport last week on suspicion of smuggling 40 kilograms of cocaine from the Dominican Republic to the Netherlands

Apr 14 '16 09:25

Only four months into the year and already the number of Dutch murdered abroad is equal to that of the entire 2015. Five Dutch were killed abroad in the first quarter of this year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed to

Lady Justice
Jan 15 '16 09:42

George H. will spend life in prison for poisoning two Dominican men to death in order to collect their life insurance in 2013, the court in Amsterdam ruled on Thursday.

Lady Justice
Dec 7 '15 16:00

The trial against 25-year-old New York born Dominican George H. started in started in the court in Amsterdam on Monday. He is accused of killing two Amsterdam residents in an attempt to collect their health insurance

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Sep 18 '15 15:34

Three men were arrested after a fire in a drug lab in Son en Breugel on Friday afternoon.

Jul 15 '15 10:54

A Dutchman was arrested in the Dominican Republic carrying 2.5 kilograms of cocaine.

Apr 22 '15 12:06

A Dutch tourist was one of seven people who died in a plane crash in the Dominican Republic, NOS reports.

Jun 5 '14 10:44

A 24-year old Dominican man living in Amsterdam, George H., is involved in an expanding investigation involving fraud and possible murder, Het Parool reports.

Feb 26 '14 08:18

A 25-year old man from the Dominican Republic has admitted to murdering a Dutch woman last year in the Caribbean country, the Dominican police report Tuesday.

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