Passengers board a train to Vlissingen at Amsterdam Central Station, 19 Jan 2018
Jun 7 '18 10:10

The purchase of a train ticket does not entitle you to a seat, the court in Utrecht ruled in a lawsuit filed by ConsumentenClaim against Dutch rail company NS. According to the court, a ticket only entitles you to transport. "That result is also achieved. The way in which the transport takes place is not determined by law", the judge said, NOS reports.

Jan 26 '17 09:38

Consumers' organization ConsumentenClaim is filing a lawsuit against Dutch railway NS. The organization, which specializes in mass claims, wants the court to force NS to pay compensation to the thousands of railway passengers who have suffered under overcrowded trains, ANP reports.

Aug 31 '16 13:15

Consumer claim foundation Consumentenclaim filed a lawsuit against telecom providers Vodafone and T-Mobile for selling misleading telephone subscriptions in which the client also pays for the cellphone. The foundation wants a court to force the providers to refund the money charged for the device

Jun 30 '16 10:16

Travelers left behind on the station due to overcrowded trains should be compensated for their delay, according to consumers organizations ConsumentenClaim and Maatschappij voor Beter OV

Apr 4 '16 10:39

Some 10 thousand people sent photos of overcrowded trains to consumers association ConsumentenClaim over the past weeks. About a month ago the association called on travelers to send evidence of overcrowding for a possible lawsuit against NS. According to the association, they now have enough evidence

Mar 7 '16 08:40

Consumers organization ConsumentenClaim is calling on rail passengers to take photos of overcrowded trains. The organization wants to use these photos as evidence in a possible lawsuit against NS

Feb 25 '16 14:15

Consumers' organization ConsumentenClaim is demanding that NS partially refund 8,500 passengers their travel costs due to inconvenience caused by overcrowded trains.

Feb 5 '16 10:03

Nearly 70 percent of train passengers haven't noticed any improvements in overcrowded trains after NS implemented additional measures late last year, according to a survey done by Consumentenclaim among 2,228 travelers. Only 17 percent noticed improvements. 13 percent think the situation deteriorated

Dec 7 '15 09:04

Some 5 thousand people submitted complaints and demands for refunds with claim company ConsumentenClaim about overcrowded NS trains. Infrastructure State Secretary Sharon Dijksma demanded that NS comes up with a solution to solve this problem before Christmas.

Oct 6 '14 13:52

In past years customers of Nuon have been paying tens of millions of dollars too much for the product Natuurstroom. Nuon denies this.

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