Evidence of overcrowded trains needed, says Consumers assoc.

Crowded train (Picture: Twitter/@michellekroekie)Crowded train (Picture: Twitter/@michellekroekie)

Consumers organization ConsumentenClaim is calling on rail passengers to take photos of overcrowded trains. The organization wants to use these photos as evidence in a possible lawsuit against NS, ANP reports.

ConsumentenClaim is considering legal steps against NS because NS did not respond to demands that they repay part of the travel costs to passengers inconvenienced by the overcrowded trains. According to the organization, NS did not take sufficient measures to prevent this problem.

Rail passengers should therefore photograph overcrowded trains and send the photos to ConsumentenClaim over the next two weeks. "A continuous range of photos can show that it is not only sporadically crowded on the train, but is a structural problem", according to the organization.


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