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Dec 28 '18 17:00

The Dutch government is implementing a number of law changes on January 1st. Below find a summary of changes made in the category Consumers.

A VAT increase will hit all goods currently taxed at 6 percent. Items like museum entrance, theater tickets, attraction passes, groceries, water, books, and hair salon services will now have a 9 percent sales tax rate.

Jan 6 '17 09:53

The Dutch economy will show solid growth again this year, though it will be weaker than in 2016, ING's Economic Bureau predicts in estimates published on Friday. The bank expects 1.6 percent growth this year, compared to 2.2 percent last year, ANP reports.

The lower growth can partly be attributed to the housing market downshifting compared to the buoyant growth in the past few years. Turbulent world trade is also expected to lower exports this year. 

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Dec 30 '16 12:54

The Netherlands is implementing a total of 50 changes to Dutch law as of January 1st, 2017. These changes affect everything from the minimum wage and what is covered in the basic health insurance package to the amount in mortgage you can borrow when buying a house.

The Dutch government published their annual roundup of law changes in the week before Christmas, broken down into nine categories. Find the summary below.

Dec 13 '16 08:01

The Dutch economy and government finances are both in a much better state than expected a few months ago, according to Statistics Netherlands' December estimate. The Rutte II cabinet is expected to end its term without a deficit and the economy is reaching the level it was before the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, ANP reports..

The Statistics Netherlands accountants expect economic growth of 2.1 percent in 2017. That is the same level as this year, following a 2 percent growth last year. Three months ago 1.7 percent was expected for 2016 and 2017.

Apr 15 '16 08:36

The ban on free plastic shopping bags, implemented on January 1st, is bearing fruit of success. Since the implementation, all retailers report a decrease in plastic bag consumption of at least 50 percent, some large retailers even go as far as 85 percent, Trouw reports based on own investigation.

Mar 7 '16 08:40

Consumers organization ConsumentenClaim is calling on rail passengers to take photos of overcrowded trains. The organization wants to use these photos as evidence in a possible lawsuit against NS

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Nov 5 '15 13:28

For the first time ever Dutch consumers paid for more retail transactions with their debit cards than in cash last year. Over all sectors consumers used less cash last year than in previous years, but they still paid for more transactions with cash than their cards.

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Oct 2 '15 14:17

Higher prices are expected to be passed on to end consumers as the continued appreciation of the dollar is expected to increase the purchasing prices of clothes and shoes for fashion shops. Dutch bank ABM ABRO’s economist Sonny Duijn says that consumers shopping for particular clothes will pay roughly five to ten percent higher prices.

Jan 15 '15 13:24

People with high incomes should invest less in their pensions, so billions of euros would be freed for consumption, the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) says.

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Sep 23 '14 17:12

A study released Tuesday by Dutch web shop association has revealed the strong growth of internet purchasers in the Netherlands. Online sales now make up 18 percent of spending in the Netherlands, representing a figure of more than €6.5 billion spent by consumers in the first half of 2014, and an increase of nearly six percent compared with the same period last year.

Aug 22 '14 10:13

Top Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn's store brand Guacamole has won the shop the number one spot in a consumer election for the products with the best false advertising. With only 0.7 percent guacamole powder, the guacamole dip from AH won the 'Kletsmajoor Award'.

Aug 13 '14 13:51

The Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) states that it is too difficult for consumers to compare and make sense of competing energy prices because of the vague and inconsistent manner in which tariffs are promoted, Z24 reports.

Jul 29 '14 15:10

The Rabobank says that fitness centers in The Netherlands are looking at losses now that the consumer is more hesitant to spend money on luxury items. After years of explosive growth, half of the roughly 1,650 fitness centers in The Netherlands are in trouble, de Volkskrant reports.

Jul 7 '14 10:14

The Netherlands Food and Wares Authority (NVWA) has developed a new app to inform consumers of the cleanliness ratings of the restaurants that they visit. This app is available from today and can be accessed with a smartphone as well as through the NVWA website.

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May 21 '14 15:49

The state of consumers has improved from April to May this year according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). Consumer trust has risen, and they are also gaining confidence in the economy.

May 20 '14 09:19

In an effort to increase safety at markets, for vendors as well as customers, the ministry of Security and Justice, the Central Association for Itinerant Trade (CVAH) and the Center for Criminality Prevention (CCV) have banded together to urge market vendors to use PIN machines for transactions, instead of using cash.

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May 16 '14 11:53

Dutch food watchdog, Foodwatch, have announced that they are going to demand openness around the meat scandal, and will serve slaughterhouse Van Hattem BV with an injunction, they write on their website.

May 2 '14 14:26

Half of Dutch consumers think that the cookie law has barely improved the privacy of internet users. A survey from the Consumers Bond for the Digital Guide of May reveals that 29 percent of those questioned think that their online privacy has improved, and 21 percent don't know.

May 2 '14 13:52

The VAT charge on building sites must be lowered from 21 to 6 percent to make new homes cheaper, which could benefit not only consumers but also the suffering construction industry, according to leader of the industry organization Bouwend Nederland Maxime Verhagen.

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