Big push for market vendors to use PIN passes over cash

In an effort to increase safety at markets, for vendors as well as customers, the ministry of Security and Justice, the Central Association for Itinerant Trade (CVAH) and the Center for Criminality Prevention (CCV) have banded together to urge market vendors to use PIN machines for transactions, instead of using cash. 

There is usually a lot of cash flow at markets, vendors will end up with loose change and notes, making them targets for  robbers. CVAH is going to try and convince sellers at markets to use PIN machines as well as safes and money scanners to increase security.

Minister Ivo Opstelten handed a PIN machine to Henk Achterhuis, president of CVAH at a "Safe at the Market" gathering in Ridderkerk, where vendors were informed of how to handle business safely.

These PIN machines, are meant to replace hard cash. For this new method of payment, the customer only has to hold a mobile phone or a wireless PIN card above the machine. The advantages of this are that there is little cash at the stall at the end of the day, and that it is easier and quicker for consumers and vendors.

"The last years, the number of market vendors who have a PIN machine, has risen from 20 to 50 percent. That is good, but we want to go to 100 percent", says Henk Achterhuis.