Albert Heijn loses by winning sham award for guacamole

Top Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn's store brand Guacamole has won the shop the number one spot in a consumer election for the products with the best false advertising. With only 0.7 percent avocado powder, the guacamole dip from AH won the 'Kletsmajoor Award'. 

In Dutch, the word Kletsmajoor is roughly translated to chatterbox or big talker, and the award is given by the Consumers' Union based on consumer votes on products that use marketing stunts to sell products that don't do what it says on the tin. This time, 18,568 consumers made their voices count. AH has since announced that their 'mock-amole' dip has been removed from the shelves to be replaced with a product with more quality.

In second place is Healthy People with their blueberry and raspberry juice. Bringing up the rear is Rivella's lie about 'natural ingredients'.

The Kletsmajoor election allows consumer watchdogs to blow the whistle on false advertising. It is part of the Consumers' union campaign to stop false advertising. Up to now, the campaign has seen results.

Several manufacturers have made changes to their products thanks to the attention and support of consumers via social media, and their votes.

The Consumers' Union is stopping the campaign, but is in discussion with the Ministry of Public Health, Well-being and Sport about improving the rules and the enforcement by the Netherlands Food and Wares Authority. According to the Consumers' union, Minister Schippers has told Parliament that the possibility of this is being researched.

[Translation of Tweet below]:"Manufacturers' logic or excuses? Vote for who you think is the biggest 'Kletsmajoor'!."
AH Guacamole: The dip is made up of only 0.7 percent avocado powder. Reaction Albert Heijn: 'It is a guacamole DIP sauce and not guacamole.' Rivella: Rivella contains three synthetic sweeteners. Reaction Rivella: 'We are not talking about "with only natural ingredients".' Healthy People: Mostly made of grape juice. Reaction Healthy People: 'We add this juice because it is an excellent flavor carrier'."