Bins for clothing donations
Jul 15 '19 10:10

Dutch charity organizations that collect textiles for reuse or second-hand sales are increasingly struggling with people who dump their chemical- and other household waste in the clothing bins. The clothing that they collect from the public containers are so contaminated that they often cannot be used anymore. The umbrella organization for textile recycling VHT is therefore calling on the government and municipalities to intervene, Trouw reports.

Herring, korenwijn, gherkins, and Amsterdamse uitjes
Jun 11 '19 17:33

Herring season is officially underway in the Netherlands. The first barrel of Hollandse Nieuwe herring, a Dutch specialty, was sold on Tuesday and raised 95.5 thousand euros in a charity auction, beating the previous record by 500 euros.

Proceeds from the annual event at the Scheviningen fish market were raised for the non-profit group Mag Ik Dan Bij Jou. The organization provides financial assistance to parents of children with cancer, so the parents can spend more time by their child’s side day or night.

A postbox filled with junkmail
May 28 '19 12:50

Dutch consumers are increasingly annoyed by the junkmail they find in their postboxes. These advertisements usually end up unopened in the recycling bin, according to a survey by consumers' association Consumentenbond. The association calls on companies to look for a more customer- and environmentally friendly alternative for getting consumers' attention.

Serious Request: Lifeline  banner hanging on TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, 23 December 2018
Dec 25 '18 12:30

Broadcaster 3FM's annual fund raiser Serious Request brought in 1,308,889 euros this year, the radio broadcaster announced on Monday. This year the fundraiser abandoned its traditional Glass House, instead sending teams of DJs to visit various fundraising actions, reports.

Feb 22 '18 09:53

At least six cases of sexual abuse with child victims were found at Plan International. No Dutch people were involved in the abuse, but the Netherlands branch of the children's charity is taking extra measures to prevent it from happening, RTL Nieuws reports.

Port-au-Prince Haiti January 20, 2010
Feb 12 '18 09:46

Over 700 donors for Oxfam Novib's Dutch branch withdrew their support to the organization due to reports of Oxfam Great Britain employees having sex parties with possibly underage prostitutes in Haiti in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake on the island in 2010. The Dutch branch understands why the donors are withdrawing their support, Ruud Huurman of Oxfam Novib Nederland said to BNR.

Port-au-Prince Haiti January 20, 2010
Feb 9 '18 14:10

Aid workers for charity organization Oxfam had sex parties with possibly underage prostitutes in the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake in Haiti, and the charity then covered it up, British newspaper The Times reported on Friday. "It came as a shock", a spokesperson of the Dutch branch of the charity, Oxfam Novib, said to the Telegraaf. "Everyone is a bit dazed here."

Serious Request - the Glass House in Apeldoorn, December 2017
Dec 25 '17 07:41

3FM's annual Christmas fundraiser Serious Request raised 5.02 million euros by the time the Glass House in Apeldoorn closed on Sunday. This amount may still increase, as some fundraising actions are still ongoing, NOS reports.

The money raised this year is going to the Red Cross, who will use it to find missing children and reunite families torn apart by war or disaster. 

Jul 27 '17 08:48

Dutch charities are benefiting greatly from the growing economy. Thanks in part to large donations from estates, the 25 largest Dutch charities raised a total of 822 million euros last year, an increase of 13 percent compared to 2015, the Volkskrant reports based on its annual charity survey.

Cancer fund KWF is still the largest charity in the Netherlands, raising 119 million euros last year. In 2015 the KWF raised 116.9 million euros. Hartsticthing and the Oranjefonds came second and third with 53 million and 52.8 million euros respectively. 

Resist Festival organized to raise money for the She Decides family planning fund
Feb 10 '17 14:55

The Resist Festival held in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam on Thursday raised over 65 thousand euros for Minister Lilianne Ploumen's family planning fund She Decides. The Dutch Development Minister established the fund after new American president Donald Trump decided to stop funding for family planning in developing countries.

Jan 18 '17 12:45

Dutch DJ Martin Garrix will be giving a benefit show for charity War Child in Amsterdam's Paradiso on February 21st. All proceeds for this once-off show will go towards the organization, which helps children in conflict zones, AD reports.

Young Tijn painting nails for Serious Request, 21 Dec 2016
Dec 23 '16 09:07

Terminally ill 6-year-old Tijn raised over a million euros for 3FM's Serious Request with his paint-your-nail action. The million mark was reached just after 7:00 a.m. on Friday. This is the first time that an individual action raises so much money for Serious Request, ANP reports.

Aug 22 '16 13:10

Jona, an 11-year-old boy, ignored bullies and comments for three years to grow his hair long enough for making a wig. Last week he finally had a haircut and donated a 25 cm ponytail to wig making charity Haarwensen, RTV Noord-Holland reports.

Jun 15 '16 11:05

This year's first barrel of Dutch herring sold for 90 thousand euros on auction on Tuesday. Last year's first barrel auctioned for 53 thousand euros.

Police sign
Apr 1 '16 10:46

The police are investigating four charities for money laundering and fraud due to suspicions that much of the money donated to them did not actually end up doing charitable work

Dec 25 '15 08:40

Radio station 3FM and the Red Cross' annual fundraising action Serious Request raised more than 7.5 million euros this year. While this is a large amount of money, it still falls short of the 12 million euros raised last year and the 12.3 million euros raised in 2013

Nov 13 '15 13:50

The remarkable Zeeland oyster containing 21 pearls sold for 2,600 euros at an auction in the Vendeuhuis in The Hague on Thursday. The amount was somewhat disappointing to the finders, who had hoped to get around 4,600 for the oyster.

Oct 22 '15 13:00

Theaters, stages and cinemas around the Leidseplein in Amsterdam donated the proceeds of ticket sales on Wednesday to refugee charity VluchtelingenWerk Nederland. This amounted to some 37 thousand euros.

1280px-Amsterdam_Zentrum_20091106_162 (1)
Oct 22 '15 12:23

The Dutch branch of the Church of Scientology has lost its tax status as "public welfare institution", and the tax benefits that go along with it, in a ruling made by the court in The Hague on Wednesday.

Volunteers assemble cots
Oct 7 '15 17:19

The call for volunteers by the Red Cross in mid-September to aid with refugees across the Netherlands has been heard and answered by more than 20 thousand people. At that time, the Red Cross had access to 6,500 volunteers for assisting in asylum seeker-related issues, but now the total is over 27 thousand.

Feb 13 '15 17:52

Amsterdam Ajax and Feyenoord Rotterdam got a financial advantage when both team received big checks from lottery organization VriendenLoterij during the Goed Geld Gala in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.

Baby in garbage bin
Jan 5 '15 16:38

A fund for a baby girl found abandoned in an underground garbage container in Amsterdam has reached a milestone, with people and businesses donating over €10,000. The initial goal of the fundraiser is to reach €20,000, with all of the money earmarked to help her live a better life.

DSC_5179 copy
Dec 25 '14 00:49

Dutch charity radio marathon Serious Request pulled in a record breaking €12,380,438 for the Red Cross this week. The money will be used to help sexually abused girls and women in war torn regions around the world.

Dec 23 '14 22:46

With the Dutch fundraising campaign Serious Request in full swing and over 6.3 million euros collected through Tuesday evening, NL Times takes a seat inside Het Glazen Huis, the glass house on Haarlem's Grote Markt, to chat with two of the 3FM disk jockeys broadcasting the 2014 fundraising effort. The main characters of this years’ event are girls and women in war-struck regions who have fallen victim to sexual abuse. Three 3FM radio DJs are giving them a voice by locking themselves up and broadcasting twenty-four hours per day for a full week.


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