Dec 22 '15 11:50

Haussmann, the new luxury department store opening in Amsterdam in February 2017, is struggling to attract top luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Burberry to sell in its store

Nov 20 '15 16:20

The festive season officially kicked off with the light festival Turn on the Lights in cities across the Netherlands on Thursday night. The Bijenkorf festival of lights spectacle started out in Amsterdam eight years ago and has since spread to many other cities, including Rotterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven and Maastricht.

Oct 26 '15 15:40

Trade union FNV has reached a collective bargaining agreement with department store De Bijenkorf in which the store's young employees will be paid full adult wages instead of the reduced youth wage. “Young people will no longer be fobbed off with youth wage. An 18-year-old and a 23-year-old doing the same job are entitled to the same pay. Equal pay for equal work.” FNV manager Niels Suijker said.

Sep 18 '15 09:28

Department store Bijenkorf is scrapping its annual Drie Dwaze Dagen, Three Crazy Days in English, Sale. According to CEO Giovanni Colauto, the sale no longer suits the supermarket chain's new concept - focusing on luxury.

Aug 14 '15 15:54

Nespresso is closing its outlets in Bijenkorf department stores and will be opening its own shops. The last Nespresso outlet in Bijenkorf will close early next year

Aug 10 '15 12:46

The climbing Zwarte Pieten that traditionally decorate the hall of the Bijenkorf's Amsterdam branch during the holiday season, will be golden this year instead of the traditional black.

Jul 21 '15 11:56

Supermarket chains Albert Heijn and Bijenkorf are warning customers of fake win promotions circulating through emails, Facebook, SMS messages and WhatsApp.

Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet (Source: Wikimedia/Jan Arkesteijn)
Aug 26 '14 13:27

Under the influence of the Zwarte Piet discussion, Hema has adjusted the packaging of Santa Clause packaging so that there is virtually no sign of Zwarte Piet.

Jun 25 '14 16:29

Police in Amsterdam have evacuated Dam Square and the Amsterdam branch of Dutch department store De Bijenkorf after a bomb threat was received, police said. No details of the threat have been publicly revealed.

Aug 21 '13 04:51

The political party PvdA wants to know what City council has done with the news of the Bijenkorf department store closing their Groningen branch in 2016.

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