automatic weapons

Sep 22 '16 10:23

Violent incidents involving automatic weapons are increasing in the Netherlands. As is the number of automatic weapons seized by the police - 225 last year, compared to 170 in 2013 and 215 in 2014

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Mar 15 '16 14:00

Rotterdam saw a decrease in crime over the past year, but at least part of this decrease can be attributed to more crime going deeper underground, the Public Prosecutor in the city announced with the annual figures on Tuesday.

Jul 21 '15 13:49

The police and Public Prosecutor discovered an "unprecedented amount" of firearms in a warehouse in Nieuwegein last week, the Public Prosecutor announced on Tuesday.

Jan 28 '15 14:32

The man who was fatally shot in Amsterdam's Osdorp neighborhood early Wednesday has been identified as a 37-year-old Ghanaian, Het Parool reports.

Jan 28 '15 09:01

A man was shot dead on the street in Amsterdam's Osdorp neighborhood early Wednesday morning, a spokesperson for the Amsterdam police confirmed. No trace of a perpetrator has been found yet. It is not yet known whether this was another execution.

Jan 23 '15 08:34

According to Police Chief Pieter Jaap Aalbersberg, the Amsterdam police seized 33 Kalashnikov rifles in the past four months. "And that is significantly more than in previous years." The Amsterdam police have found 300 weapons in the last six months, the police chief said on the AT5 program Het Verhoor.

Jan 20 '15 11:34

According to the Amsterdam police, it is easier for criminals to come by automatic weapons since the borders within the European Union were opened and the "structures of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Balkans" fell away.

Dec 9 '14 14:39

The woman who was shot and killed in Amstelveen yesterday, has been identified as Luana Luz Xavier (34), the girlfriend of the Amsterdam criminal Najib "Ziggy" H. In the criminal world she is accused of luring a target to a (failed) assassination attempt for her boyfriend H.

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May 13 '14 12:46

Morocco will continue the prosecution of Hamza B., a 26-year-old Moroccan suspected of involvement in the execution of two men in Amsterdam in December 2012.

Feb 21 '14 15:17

Spy Shop lawyer, Sander Jansen, is enraged about statements chief commissioner Aalbersberg made Thursday, in the program "Het Verhoor" on AT5, concerning the raid on Spy shop, One2spy in Amsterdam, Tuesday. Owner Farah el O. and twelve other suspects were arrested. Jansen was not allowed to discuss the case with anyone, but after "Het Verhoor" aired, the restrictions were immediately lifted.

Feb 18 '14 16:56

In a large-scale raid in spy shop One2spy on the Admiraal de Ruijterweg in De Baarsjes and 8 other properties, and a shed in the Amsterdam area, police arrested 13 men and seized weapons and illegal goods.

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