Spy Shop lawyer angry police chief discussed case

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Spy Shop lawyer, Sander Janssen, is enraged about statements chief commissioner Aalbersberg made Thursday, in the program "Het Verhoor" on AT5, concerning the raid on Spy shop, One2spy in Amsterdam, Tuesday. Owner Farah el O. and twelve other suspects were arrested. Jansen was not allowed to discuss the case with anyone, but after "Het Verhoor" aired, the restrictions were immediately lifted. was prompted by the find of a "spy phone," during the investigation of the assassination of Rida Bennajem.

In addition to 20 cans of pepper spray, three automatic guns, and nine handguns, police also found dozens of shooting pens and jammers. Shooting pens are considered lethal fire arms and are illegal. Jammers are used to disrupt communications services. Aalbersberg talked about the facilitating role the Spy shop played in supplying criminal organizations with increasingly advanced supplies, sometimes even more advanced than what the police has access to. In a letter to the Public Prosecution, Friday, Janssen demands the prosecution distance itself from the statements made by the chief commissioner. The lawyer accuses Aalbersberg of ignoring the suspect's right to the presumption of innocence, by sketching a one-sided and suggestive story on TV. 'How is it possible that the chief commissioner himself discloses such one-sided and suggestive information, while I am prevented from defending my client by overall restrictions on sharing information with third parties,' wrote Janssen in his letter.