Man gunned down in Amsterdam overnight

A man was shot dead on the street in Amsterdam's Osdorp neighborhood early Wednesday morning, a spokesperson for the Amsterdam police confirmed. No trace of a perpetrator has been found yet and it remains unclear whether this was another execution.

The victim was seriously wounded when rescue workers arrived at the scene on Wolbrantskerkweg in Osdorp. He died on the spot. The identity of the victim has not yet been determined. The police are investigating the circumstances of the shooting.

Eyewitnesses speak of one or two bursts of automatic fire, Het Parool reports. "It was a low, dull sound, in quick succession." A local resident saw gunfire. "It took at least five seconds. I could see flashes of light through my curtains," the person is quoted as saying. Some witnesses saw a dark-colored car driving away shortly after the shooting.

The shooting happened in front of an apartment building on Wolbrantskerkweg, a side street of Tussen Meer. The victim died on the street, near a small green strip that is adjacent to the apartment building. The area of the shooting was shut off with dark-colored screens.

A large-scale investigation has been launched. Specialists of the forensic investigation department were looking for trace evidence Wednesday morning. According to bystanders, some witnesses who are residents of the apartment building have been taken to the police station to give statements.

As of yet, there is no evidence that the shooting is related to the series of executions in the gang war that has been raging in Amsterdam's underworld.